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posted by Little_Cullen
Jeans that are Skinny

There are many types of jeans,
And jeans rhymes with beans,
Jeans that are flares,
Watch out for bears!
Jeans that are green,
Those are rarely seen.

Jeans that are bootlegs,
Nothing rhymes with bootlegs,
And jeans that are skinny,
For the large and the minnie!

Skinny jeans are great,
They're always my mate,
And heaps of things rhyme with jeans,
Like teams, beams, and, er, dreams.

They come in all shapes and sizes,
Nothing rhymes with sizes,
Except maybe trizes,
But that's not a word.

Raindrops on roses,
Whiskers on kittens,
Something something, warm woolen mittens,
...Oh wait, wrong poem. ... This play I'm doing...

Anyways, Jeans that are skinny,
Make me want to shimmy,
And I like to shimmy,
In jeans that are skinny!
posted by LinaJC
Переместить over Flare jeans and Baggy pants! There's a new sheriff in town and its name is... Skinny...skinny jeans! No one can deny that skinny jeans have become very Популярное this year, cuz they have! Anyone who wants to be anyone has to have a pair of skinny jeans! They are flattering for body shapes of all shapes and sizes and they just make any рубашка look cute and stylish. Many people like wearing their skinny jeans with a cute pair of ballet flats. While others, such as myself, prefer to wear them casual but still stylin' with a pair of really cute sneakers. Some sneakers that look hot with skinny jeans are baby phat, pastry, and Punkrose. I think that skinny jeans also look better with longer shirts than shorter length shirts. But with dressy shirts или just plain T-shirts, skinny jeans looks best with all! I also like to вверх off the outfit with a cute colorful hoodie sweater. But that's just me, Ты have to find your style and make your outfits who Ты are and just look awesome!!