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posted by katie_the_foxz
sorry i havent post in a while and sorry if i make these cringe and clingy stories and sorry i post these very late today was my brothers birthday and yeah so Соник и Шедоу TIME also sorry i forgot to say sonic is in the hospital anyways bye.dont.... remind of that sonic well uhm i better get going.oh bye shadow...*amy was spying on them the whole time even the Поцелуи PART*I WILL GET REVENGE REVENGE!.few weeks later sonic was able to get out of the hospital while amy was planing something so sonic went to shadow house to talk to him*shadow?.Huh!.look uhm i see what Ты were trying to do there at...
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Shadow's POV

Well, me and my little hedgie's in постель, кровати now. I can't go to sleep and it's almost 3:00 am... What's that little bump further down from Sonic? Oh, Sonic, Ты naughty little hedgehog. Now, by looking at it, I got one as well. I reached from under the covers to stroke his member, and he let out a little moan in pleasure. Oh, Sonic...

Sonic's POV

What's that fuzzy thing on my...SHADOW!...It felt nice and pleasurable, actually...FUZZY. Soon, he dragged the covers off the постель, кровати and he can see my 'thing' clearly now, which made his 'thing' go higher. I let out a little moan. I wanted him to...
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>|3 <3 Enjoy!~ Comic by 💫💛AngelofHapiness💛💫
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