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 Classic Sonic & Shadow c:
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Sonic's POV
It was a peaceful spring день in Green холм, хилл Zone...I was running trying to find Shadow because he texted asking me if I would meet him here....and it was quite..out of the ordinary for him to send me a text...but I felt so happy....I hope today is the день I can tell him how I feel.....
Shadow's POV
I saw Sonic running across Green холм, хилл Zone.....I guess he got my text....he must be trying to find me...he seems a bit...embarrassed for some reason.
Normal POV
Sonic: There Ты are Shad!! I was looking for Ты all day!! Shadow: Sorry, Sonic...*starts to blush* Sonic:Oh Shadow...it's...
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prison I land was busy with gun cops working egg man add found a project of his grandpa professor Gerald ROBOTNIK but some how gun found it and sent it at the lover level of the prison ill find out what this project is thought egg man before that blue pest comes HOO mean while in the room were this project this sleeping in a pod just then out of a flash of light come a young hedgehog in a dark blue hoodie ice blue in MATCHING bottoms dark blue ice blue inhibitor rings или lighting marks on them ice blue изумруд in the middle of each inhibitor rings ice blue dark blue hover shoes или lighting...
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