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posted by sexyluna34
on where we left off..... i dont really give a fuck:


sonic: w-what have i done?

sonic looks at the pool of blood that was from shadows neck.

shadows body began to rise.

sonic: sh-shadow?

shadow: hehe. hello ..dear.... why did you leave me.

shadow walks over to sonic and puts his tongue into him and purrs.

shadow: puurrrr.

sonic: mmph!!!

shadow then licks sonic.

shadow: mmmm you taste good... how bout we have some "fun" you know: bow chicka wow wow.

sonic: but i cant get raped by a zombie!!!!!

sonic wakes up

sonic: WOAH!! what the fuck is wrong with me?


shadow: hmm? maybe i should kiddnap...
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posted by sonadow06
I can't sleep!... Maybe I'll wake Shads up. I patted him on the head. His sleeping face is so cute!

Huh. He's not reacting. Maybe I'll...

Here we go.


Normal POV

"AAAGHH!" Shadow shouted, surprised by the sudden kiss.
"Heheh, did that surprise you?"
"Of course it d-did!" Shadow replied, clutching his crotch area under the sheets. He was hard by just the kiss...
"Oh...Excited, are you?" Sonic сказал(-а) seductively, grabbing his arm and pinning it up against the wall. "You've earned it."
Sonic let go of his arm and bent down towards Shadow's sheath. He licked it once, and Shadow moaned...
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