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Thirddevision posted on Feb 02, 2012 at 09:26AM
Im getting tired of hearing fight with sonamy fans and sonsal fans so read this and shut it.


and NO this is not stateing that amy will be sonics girl its saying the chances of BOTH sonamy an sonsal

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There wasn't anything to really elaborate on, short of pointing out you were making baseless allegations out of a simple comment.
Really? How about telling me how SonAmy works? I've seen you explain in detail how SonSal works, so if you claim SonAmy can work, I would like to hear your reasoning behind it.
Alright, that can be addressed.


Why It Works - They're kindred spirits; adventurers with a strong moral center, extremely powerful abilities, and an impish independence to make them unstoppable. The two of them together would be poetry in motion, playing off each others' abilities. But it wouldn't be "hero in stereo." Amy is a compassionate, thoughtful person (when not distracted by Sonic-thoughts), and her adoration of him doesn't overrule her priorities...all the time. She would be able to focus him, and their banter as he would tease her would be fun and endearing. They're a lively young couple that kick butt.

Why It Doesn't - There is absolutely nowhere to go with them. By SEGA mandate, we can never have Sonic show any serious interest in her. It's not the same as the perpetual dating Sonic has with Sally, because Amy can't get even that far. My hands are tied.


Why It Works - It's the old "opposites attract" formula. Sonic is brash and powerful. Sally is tactful and (comparatively) weaker. She adds a controlling element to his chaotic nature, and the difficulties of that set-up create a charming chemistry between the two of them. It started out rough, where their conflict had them at odds with each other, but it became part of their relationship when their respect and love for each other took hold. It's a yin-yang dynamic.

Why It Doesn't Work - For one thing, it's tired. The on-agin, off-again nature of their relationship has yo-yo'd since the first issue. And while Sally is a nice complimentary element to Sonic, compared to Amy, she slows him down and complicates him.

There, I believe I've sufficiently ticked everyone off (haha).

and if you dont know who Ian Flynn is.
even now though people are still argueing over sonamy v.s sonsal and its becomeing never ending...

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Больше года Firefeather said…
Don't mention Sally Acorn to me!
Больше года lili11p said…
I actually don't have a problem with SonSal or Sally in general. I don't see what the fussing is all about