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It was a warm, bright, and sunny день in west mobiuos. Diva the cat, the leader of a team of bounty hunters, was taking a walk down 'Love sight forest' (because thats the qickest way to town). She desided to take a break and sat down, she looked up at the sky that was atop of the green lefted trees. She sighed and looked to her left, she saw a tall green line run past her. Then when she looked over to the right the line stoped revieling it to be Scourge. 'Oh no! Not him!' She thought, then right after that thought Scourge ran over to her. "Hey sweet stuff!" He greeted, "...Hi..." Diva replied,...
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Kayla and Tails ran around in Поиск for the Emeralds. “There they are!” Kayla cried, pointing. Tails flew and picked them up. Kayla picked up the Green Chaos изумруд and ran away. “Come on!” she called over her shoulder. Her sister, Cinyella, was sitting around, listening to her iPod. “This mine of loss that you’re making, your Любовь is mine for the taking. My Любовь is just waiting to turn your tears to roses. I will be the one that’s going to hold you. I will be the one that you’re onto. My Любовь is a-burning considering fire. No, you’ll never be alone. When darkness comes,...
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At Tails's workshop:
Luna:ok before i say why i gathered Ты all here, i want Sonic and Amy to sit down please
Both:um ok (sit down)
Luna:ok remember that 5 days назад Magic went to save her two beloved childern, and she hasn't come back
Luna:well we found her but
Amy/mom:(frantically) but what
Luna:(turns to Silver) Silver?
Silver:ok (walks out of the room and comes back with me in his arms)
Mom&Dad:magic! (Ran to Silver)
Mom:what happened to her
Luna:eggman hit her with Goo-Goo Gas and now she's a baby
Dad:(clenched his hand into a fist) eggman went to far this time
After a big Дебаты on...
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As a child my life wasnt good. First with a bully, an abusive boyfriend, and even more. This was I was 4.
I felt hated useless and not a hedgehog
On many accounts I ran away but alway got caught. I felt unloved. My brother wasnt there at that time so i had a bad life. It all changed when my mom took me to kindergarten. This is what happened:
Luna's mom:Amy!(hugs her)
Amy/mom: Эй, look at you!
Luna's mom:maybe we should introduce our daughter to each other?
Mom:sure. Magic!
Luna's mom: Luna!
(Both of us run to our moms)
Mom:magic this is luna. Say hi
Luna's mom:say hi luna
(Moms talking)...
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Theme: Switch by Ashley Tisdale
Love/Crush: Wizard the Lunar Hedgehog
Home: Tech Crisis,Dead Line
Fav Colors: Red, Blue, Purple
Fav Food:She doesnt really eat much but she'll eat this werid Еда called "milas geanto"
Friends: Flame the Bat, Crazy the Hedgehog, Snow the Cat, Serenity the Hedgehog,Galaxy the Bat, Pualina the Rabbit, Satellite the Hedgehog
Enemies: Mirage the Bat, Aquamarine the Bat, Gizmo the Fox, Сиара the Hedgehog
Fav Drink: StarLight Dust.
Birth: August, 26, 1996
Personality: A futuristic Cosmic cat who loves to explore new galaxies and planets. she loves hangin out with Wizard. She plays a very important part in Dead Line... and thats making peace with the planets around hers. it can be very dangerous at times but shes tough enough to handle it. she likes conneting the dots with the stars in her free time.
 Eternity the Cosmic Cat
Eternity the Cosmic Cat
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 Blades transformation
Blades transformation
I sat in my сиденье, место, сиденья watching Rouge.Another note landed on my desk;
Is she crazy?!
and I wrote back;
Rouge was Письмо that the teacher was annoying as hell and there was something else that was blocked by a box that was in front of me and put her signature on the chalkboard.
I didn't know what else she wrote but I heard Mary and Zero gasp.I wrote on the note;
What does it say???!!!
This time Zero wrote;
Ты don't wanna know
The rabbits were laughing like crazy.Mary was stirring in her chair.All of a sudden I was trembling.My long hair turned black,my skin turned a light red,my dull red eyes are now glowing,my wings grew thorns on the ends.
This had never happened before...
I had seen Mary transform also into just a white and blue cat...
 Marys transformation
Marys transformation
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Name: Splash
Species: Aqau-cat
Age: 11
Theme: Kokoro ~ Kagamine Rin / VOCALOID
Likes: Water, plants, Tails (as a secret crush), hanging out with her sister, candy, being abnoctius (like being a spaz!), and driving her sister nuts.
Dislikes: Being slaped, geting yelled at, polution, and bullies.
Friends: Charge, Aqaudic (sister), Diva, Kayanna, Catie, Candy, and Bubbles (know it all).
Family: Aqaudic.
Enimies: X, Eggman, Merlanda, Ziv, and Emajean.

Splash is Aqaudics younger sister that is known for being a bit of a spaz. She may seem strange at first because she is a bit shy. But when she gets to know...
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