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The aftermath of what occurred in the freezing cold became a devastating ordeal for the DWMA. While they were able to defeat most of Arachnophobia’s troops and monsters, their goal to retrieve the mysterious suit case from комар, москит, комаров was a complete failure. Sense then everyone within the complex never felt the same- often feeling depressed and upset. Maka and the others above all were very displeased.

What became of Kasey however was that he spent a lot of his life out in the hot dessert. He traveled far and wide, seeking a new hobby and place to thrive. There were times where he ventured into...
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So as Victoria and her Друзья walked into the DWMA, Kid told her "I almost forgot. My father wanted to meet you." Victoria's eyes widened. "Lord Death? Just me? What?" Patty giggled and started to pat her on the back, saying "Aw, don't be nervous! Lord Death is a really nice guy, so just go meet him, k?" Victoria did. She walked into his office, fogged up the mirror, and сказал(-а) it at she wrote "42-42-564. Anytime Ты want to knock on Death's door." Lord Death appeared. "Heya, heya, heya!" He greeted her. "You must be Victoria." Victoria felt instantly at ease. "No offense, Death sir, but, you're...
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death the kid u know how it is hate to dismiss any mistake
if it aint right then u must be kidding
jokes mislead becuz Ты are now slipping

oblique mind then i give a fix simply blast it
it aint a trick just one click then the секунда click
rest is oh my goodness ur history
it ain't a mystery to entry just that I'm not so intrigued
don't get it wrong son I'm a sweet treat
bang bang bang bang have a nice dream

if it ain't proper, it's incomplete
making me shiver because Ты lacking heat
stop taking chances it's real steep
�inow�jwatch when Ты sleep cuz my glocks creep

not enough for me to...
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posted by rachel-e
Maka: kid I guess your tired of practicing i think Ты should sleep

Death the kid:yeah

then he lay down on his постель, кровати and sleep

Clock ringsssss

Kid: what?????

Maka:kid time for breakfast your Избранное symetrical foods!!

Kid: whay are Ты here Maka?

Maka: why? is it bad to go to the house of my honey??

Kid:whatt honey?????

Maka served the Еда and was to about feed kid but kid run outside and find out he is wearing MAKA's dress .kid go back inside the house but Maka wasnt there anymore then he saw maka wearing his clothes!!!!!!

KId : MAKA !!! give me that clothes...
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After passing through the magnetic field, Kasey entered a new world. The area was warm and various rainforest plants stood and bloomed all around. This became awkward for him as he couldn’t understand why he would end up on an unknown island when blizzards were beyond the magnetic field. He didn’t have time to think as time was wasting. Because the climate changed, he knew that staying as a mammoth wasn’t wise and decided to turn into something that was not only little but particle for his surroundings. Thinking for a while, he decided to turn into a Bengal Tiger and made his way into...
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The Headless Horseman rode through the кукуруза field, Victoria in a complete state of shock. She has been kidnapped. They rode for what seemed like only a few минуты before the horseman stopped outside the cornfield, inside the town's cemetery. Victoria climbed down, frowning. "Why'd Ты bring me here?" She asked, watching him carefully. The horseman led his horse in front of a specific grave, and stopped. Victoria followed. "Your grave?" She guessed. The Headless Horseman nodded sadly. "So, what, is your head buried here или something?" Victoria continues. He shook his head. "Just for memory..."...
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So Ты may think that fairytales and stories that seem so impossible are fake, right. You'd be wrong, though. Just yesterday, Victoria and her team were called out to Sleepy Hollow to defeat the Headless Horseman. It must've been pretty bad for Lord Death to send them all the way out there, out of town. Apparently, he had been terrorizing his hometown, reaping the heads of innocent people, for no reason known. So the team set out to do their orders. Until they found a lead, they all stayed in a huge farmhouse, right by the кукуруза field that the Headless Horseman is сказал(-а) to come out of. It was...
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posted by MissieMidget
As always Maka stood on the side lines of any sort of occasion they had.
I guess being single induced that, she’s sit back and watch all the happy couples dance around as the clock approaches closer to 12.
You’d think the host would be having a great time seeing how great of an success everything turned out to be. But Maka just couldn’t let something as small as great party planning satisfy her.
She had to face facts. She missed Soul, maybe long distance relationships could work.
If she really believed that than why was she standing here? Single.
It was true, she called them off или what she...
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posted by NBlackstone
Romaji Lyrics

Tsunaida tamashii no hi ga
mune wo sasu nara
Kotoba yori Слоган tsuyoi hibiki ga
ima kikoeru ka?

Roku ni me mo awasazu
unmei ni made karandeku
Yukisaki moro kabutteru
kuenai yoru wo hashire

Fukaoi shisugita mabushisa ga
warui yume ni tsuzuite mo

Tsunaida tamashii no hi ga
mune wo sasu nara
Kotoba yori Слоган tsuyoi hibiki ga
ima kikoeru ka?

Deatta wake wa dou datte ii
Fureta shunkan no kizu no fun dake
tashika ni nareru

Uso mo gisou mo aru
yoreta sekai wo teri tsukete
Moroto mo bukkowaresona
muchuu no hate ga mitai

'Hitori ni shinai' to tsukamu te wa
Yasashisa kara too...
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posted by NekoTheif
I have no Опубликовано any Статьи for Ты guys! And that makes me sad and I feel as though I have been unfair so I give to Ты a soul eater eater story! The link is below but it is a Kid's sister story. So here is the link to- Death's Children.



So anyways I would really like Ты guys to read it and tell me what Ты think then i'll write another chapter. SO yeah that's basically it.

Meister Registration-

Name- Haven
Age- 13 <3
Weapon- Elemental Фан

Weapon Registration-

Name- Ansel
Weapon type- Elemental fan
Meister- Shinagami girl