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 Stampy picture (if needed)
Stampy picture (if needed)
How to build a statue of Stampy

1. Build up 2 blocks with white wool for sides of feet. (paws)

2. Build across 8 blocks with white wool for вверх of feet. (paws)

(so 2 up by 8 across for paws with white wool)

3. Using оранжевый wool, go up from вверх of paws 12 blocks.

4. from вверх of those 12 blocks, go across 8 with orange.

(so 12 up by 8 across for legs, with a bit of white wool for belly)

5. For the belly, do 10 blocks up and 8 blocks wide with white wool.

6. shape out the tuft of furr on belly and fill in with white wool.

(so 10 up and 8 across for the belly.)

7. Go four blocks out with оранжевый wool from...
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One день when Tails was flying through an unknown world he came across a figure that was well, a cat! he was boarding a ship (the SS Stampy ride for the first time) and stalked him for quite some time like his stuffed counterpart, Tails Doll. After a Minecraft (Майнкрафт) год (135 Minecraft (Майнкрафт) days) he finally went to meet him. He decided he would introduce himself. While walking in the city, Tails bumped in to him, litterally.

Stampy: Oh, hi! Who are you?

Tails: I'm Miles, but Ты can call me Tails

Stampy: Okay, wait are Ты the one who travels with THE Sonic the Hedgehog?

Tails: Yes.

Stampy: *faints then wakes up 3 секунды after* I'm your no. 1 fan!!!

Tails: I know I even have people that tattoo an image of me into their body, but thats downright idolisim

Stampy: I know. Thats bad, really bad. Say are Ты familiar with this place?

Tails: No.

yeah this is my world and these are my friends: Lee, Amy Lee, Squid and Squashey.

To be continued...
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Dear Stampy,
I know Ты will probably not see this but if Ты do then I want to let Ты know that I am a cat too.And Ты are the best Youtuber ever.I can't explain how much I like your videos. I go crazy when I wait for Ты to Загрузить them. I will subscribe to Ты when I get my Youtube channel ^w^.*INFORMATION* I met Ты when I was watching Minecraft (Майнкрафт) Видео and I saw your channel I clicked on it and watched forever in till night. I have watched all your Видео so far on Your Lovely World (Minecraft and other Minecraft (Майнкрафт) series and other Болталка Видео of Minecraft),Your Wonderful World (Terraria),Doki...
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Stampy's 200th video ^-^
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