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Pain lanced through her.Feeling like the dance of a thousand cuts. Gasping she turned towards her brother's seat, to see if he was also feeling the same. Only to see to her horror, a pool of dark blood. Sending her returned force senses up through the keep, she quickly ran up the winding stairs in her silver лиса, фокс form. Reaching her brother's family apartments in her human form, she eased the door delicately open. Only to be welcomed by a scene that made her burn and sick at the same time. Blood coated the walls, the bodies torn and strewn across the floor. Not even his grandson's newborn had...
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posted by lovingflame

"If Ты look out your window Ты can see Ireland." The stewardess сказал(-а) as she strolled the drink тележка, корзина up the isle. морган peered from under her night eye mask to blink into focus the lush green squares that dotted the изумруд isle. "Is this you're first time to Scottland dear?" The older woman asked in the сиденье, место, сиденья Далее to her. She nodded. "This is going to be my first and last." The older woman paled. морган blushed sheepishly. "No not like that. I'm going to start new. Here. I have nothing left to go back for in America." The older woman shook her head.
"Well Ты may find it a hard place...
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    Meetra didn't want to go on. To take еще lives. She just wanted to go back to Onderon. She'd even go back Peragus. But, she didn't want her Друзья to get hurt. She walked back to the mercenary camp cloaked by a stealth field generator. The mercenaries were on high alert.
    "Anyone see 'er?" asked a tall fit mercenary. "Not yet," another yelled back. Meetra Surik let out a sigh. She then changed her footing to step into the mercenaries imediate area. She carfully and tightly held her deactivated light-saber and kept taking silent steps towards...
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posted by lovingflame
Morning's shadows lite the darkened skies. The chill made Fie curl against the now cooled hide of the strange creature. морган coughed and tapped the girl on her shoulder. The girl opened her eyes and rolled away. As морган drew her naked knees up to fight off the cold."S-s-sorry."
Fie backed further away, caught between running for her life или taking pity on the now shivering woman.
A flash of light made морган shield her eyes. Had they been found? Dread filled her. Blinking she uncovered her eyes.Where the girl had been, now sat a confused silver fox.It whinned and barked at Morgan, before...
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Recently, I learned about the creation of a Ты TUBE video clip called "Dear J.J. Abrams". In this clip, someone named Sincerely Truman made a Список of rules for director-producer J.J. Abrams to follow for the upcoming seventh movie in the "STAR WARS" film franchise. In reality, the video clip was basically another attempt to bash the last three Фильмы of the franchise known as the Prequel Trilogy.

This Sincerely Truman seemed to believe that Abrams, along with screenwriter Michael Arndt follow his (or her) advice, the franchise could regain the former glory it had...
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posted by lovingflame
Zori sighed as her long день ended.
For starters, because of her unintended nap. She was being docked a day's pay on her Далее check, to pay for the embarrassing scene.
Add that to her boyfriend's surprise of dumping her. Hadn't even дана her the curtisy of allowing her to stay the night. Just had her bags packed and waiting at the door.
The hmpf....hmpf of her replacement, as she had to tell the prick she'd have to come by in the morning for the rest.
Taking up her overnight bag. Zori cursed the stranger for her string of bad luck. Never knowing that her night had only just begun.
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posted by kelseyjayne25
Here is a Список of звезда wars names I created: It is actually quite challenging! Anyone is free to add to it!


Chey Donnelle

Ary Xynae

Delca Isic

Lexeem Dee

Yila Thim

Mo Klill

Thera Nuum

Pirtia Zhan

Fiora Qwen

Orla Mentiv

Naby Chlora

Gliv Bontil

Ethimsy Vu

Zekira Hinsley

Joleen Gurn

Blor Yenv

Seema Lyn

Hol Uveene

Xena Rinir

Kyla Exum

Una Pree

Idella Smet

Vernika Walters

Raila Forten

Wyma Odixm

Qamra Adin


Vonn Tobe

Rinj Alteer

Buren Vint

Jonez Waph

Tezzan Gree

Xav Heldier

Olin Mustar

Azere Ped

Sil Yask

Fult Onan

Iytan Lomar

Hertz Franchim

Gring Whyt

Ulik Zanders

Drek Jillen

Prez Ert

Lomen Keene

Cilton Roan

Quinto Boisen

Jex Skuun

Eliam Xen

Zolt Quolmin

Wovig Montino

Yarden Cord

Nexir Urdin
posted by lovingflame
(This story is perhaps not your every день average звезда wars fiction.If you've read any of my other story you'll get what I mean.)


The last of the Family,and the priesthood of the Order of the Holy Cross. Sat tiredly upon his thrown.The five other throwns that had held the blessed imprinted chosen of the Pathbourne. Now sat deathly empty. After thousand's of years of peace, evil had finally devoured the Family. The war had been a massacre. Not even the Дети in their cribs had been spared. Leo the Lion wept openly and uncontrolably....
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The following is a Список of minor notes and observations that came to me, during my Последнее viewing of “Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back”. I hope that Ты enjoy them:

*Exactly who was in command of the Rebel Alliance base on Hoth – Leia или General Rieekan?

*What was Leia doing on Hoth with the Rebel Alliance military personnel? Why wasn’t she with the other political Rebel leaders?

*Ah yes! The ”I just as soon Kiss a Wookie!” dialogue between Leia and Han. Charming, although slightly . . . childish.

*How . ....
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The following is a Список of minor notes and observations that came to me, during my Последнее viewing of "Episode VI: Return of the Jedi". I hope that Ты enjoy them:

NOTES AND OBSERVATIONS of "STAR WARS: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi"

*I have always found the launching of shuttles rather different in the STAR WARS saga, in compare to other science-fiction sagas. The Imperial shuttles leave the starships like drops of water from a faucet.

*The commander of the Death звезда II seemed to react with horror at the news of the Emperor’s impending arrival. Quite a contrast to his mild nervousness at...
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posted by MisterPerfect1
This is a roleplay. Ты get to create или become a звезда Wars character and we will write a story about it. Here, let me start it off.

Sebastian Johnson

Age: 13

Height: 5'4

Weight: 120 lbs.

Personality: Energetic/Serious; Persistent

Traits: African-American; Turquoise Eyes; Buzz-cut

Now it is Ты all's turn.

Once we have enough characters, we will start.

Four to five characters are enough, but we can still add еще to the story if anyone wants to join.



And remember to be as creative as possible.

Grammar does count.

Kuun Rafta, A Character I Created

Article by PePs95 Опубликовано 1 минута ago


I installed the lightsaber application in my iPhone, and so i decided to create a character (an option of the application). His biography involves a place i invented myself, which is Vraar, and also Jon Ta-Fuuy, a character. I don't know much of the звезда Wars world, so this is not real facts или anything, its just something that came to my head. All made up. I did this just for fun. Here is the character i created for the звезда Wars world, his biography (sorry if there is no image of him...but Ты can picture him on your...
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звезда Wars: In концерт is coming to Grand Rapids, Michigan on Wednesday, July 14 at the фургон, ван Andel Arena at 7:00 p.m. The production features a full symphony orchestra and choir, accompanied by specially edited footage from the films displayed on a three-story-tall, high-definition LED super-screen – one of the largest ever put on tour.

Prior to the show, the real costumes worn by the actual stars of the original films will be on display. Is anyone interested in going? I heard this was an amazing production.
posted by zeldafan48
Me and my friend have been talking about this fore ever and we wanted to have the Фаны decide so here it is:Luke has a son who grows up to be a jedi.Darth Vader is alive (but he is a new sith in Vader`s suit)and threatens to rule the galaxy with his new empire.In a fight to kill the new Vader Luke dies in front of his own son and later,wanting revenge,Luke`s son goes to a long journey to kill the sith.This also ends the entire movie series.Me and my friend made it and we want Ты tell us if its good или not.
Let the flight be with you…AND one friend, at the Quick Chek NJ Festival of Ballooning held at Solberg Airport in Readington, NJ, July 24-26, 2009. At 1:00pm on Sunday, July 26 Далее to the balloon launch field at the Festival there will be a звезда Wars costume contest! Wear your Избранное and best звезда Wars costume and prepare yourself for our judges. The winner and their friend of choice will receive a FREE ride in the Darth Vader hot air balloon during the 6:30pm Sunday night final balloon ascension of the weekend. This balloon is not available for orders to the general public, therefore making this a once in a lifetime opportunity! For еще information call 1-800-HOT-AIR9 или visit our website at www.balloonfestival.com.
 The Khoonda Plains
The Khoonda Plains
Part two in the звезда Wars Knights of the Old Republic: The Return! ( SW KotOR: The Return) Hope Ты like it!

    Atton pulled a lever on the starship control shelf then pressed a view buttons on the звезда map display. Soon an image of Korriban's atmosphere was visible. Then an image of space. Космос was the only thing visible by the time the small dot was gone. The small dot was the planet they traveled away. The small dot was Korriban. Another dot appeared. This one was much bigger,much closer. This one was Dantooine. This one was the beginning.
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posted by lovingflame
"What do we do if we run into those Jedi? I take it that killing them is out of the question." Vizan got a definite look."Alright how about just knocking them around a bit. No real damage." Jorg snorted."Be lucky if we don't get our asses kicked. Remember they actually have training, and there's at least two of them if not more." Vizan growled."So we just let them take her." Then he thought it over and smiled."Of course if they should upset her, there will be two less Jedi to worry about." Jorg rolled his eyes. "Not funny Vizan. We may not like them, but at the moment we need them. With our...
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When a good number of critics and звезда WARS Фаны start talking about how Lucasfilm and the Дисней Studios need to recapture the "magic", I could not help but wonder what "magic" to which they were referring. The "magic" of Disney's first film in the franchise, "STAR WARS: EPISODE VII - THE FORCE AWAKENS"? The six films that George Lucas had produced between 1977 and 2005? или the "magic" of the franchise’s Original Trilogy?

If these Фаны and critics were referring to the "magic" of the Original Trilogy, I find this demand rather ironic. And I find it...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Back on Yavin 4, it was night time. Dimo met up with his wife, Grimouth.

Dimo: *Gets into Grimouth's land speeder*
Grimouth: *Driving* So where are we heading?
Dimo: We have to talk to Princess Leia.

Back at base.

Harmon: *Nervously rocking back, and forth in a chair*
Rebel Captain: *Walks into the room* Mr. Fulper, are Ты okay?
Harmon: We just detected six Toydarian carriers leaving Toydaria. Dimo's trying to get authorization from Leia to attack them.

Leia was at a party club, but when Dimo walked out of the club, he seemed disappointed.

Grimouth: Where to now?
Dimo: Back to the office. I need to...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Captain Needa, and Major Lesden were talking to Colonel Jörgenstien.

Captain Needa: Since General Ozzel isn't here, perhaps Ты can talk to Lord Vader in Endor, and see if he'll send us anymore tanks.
Colonel Jörgenstien: Well thanks to General Ozzel's silly assumption of an invasion in Cenell, we can't get any tanks to defend Champalla. I just called Cenell, and they believe Han Solo is leading an attack.
Orrian: What? Last I heard, he was in Hoth.
Colonel Jörgenstien: Ты see my point? Ты should not have put General Ozzel in charge.
General Ozzel: *Walks into the room* What is going on?
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