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When she walked into the dull room i did not notice at first. But suddenly a gush of wind blew her sweet and beutiful scent tingling down my throat. Never had i felt such pain and anguish yet the thrill of a new adventure. She clumsily walked over to the сиденье, место, сиденья opposite me and offered a big smile. This was when i could have killed her, this innocent girl looking at me through the locks of her deep brown hair. Her eyes looked deeply and yet shallowly into mine. This was the moment when i knew i could not ravish her. This was the moment i started to fall in love. The mystery of Love.

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I don't know how many of Ты have read Harry Potter, but I Любовь them. They are such a great idea, terrificly written, and funny. The characters are real and they Переместить you.
Wow, I pretty much just described Twilight didn't I? :) They're both best sellers, they're both being made into movies. They're both blockbuster hits (Twilight most likely).
I think what makes the major difference between these amazing stories is the author.
I won't lie and say I know a lot about J. K. Rowling but I've seen one interview, and it was enough to convinse me that, no matter how good her Книги are, I hate her....
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Популярное YA Автор Jenni Frendswith talks about the roll-out of her Книги in paperback, including the much-anticipated THIS YOUNG Иисус Vol. I. She talks about the future of the series, other projects, paperback vs. ebooks and life at new house Blujesto Press.

Q: Jenni, your Книги seem to be coming out all over the place! I liked your Последнее interview for your Поэзия book, HAIKU FOR YOU. Is that not coming out in paperback?
A: Well, I do still have a few Книги that are Kindle exclusives at the moment. I suppose it’ll be up to Blujesto Press if they see paperback или not. They already spend so...
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