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When she walked into the dull room i did not notice at first. But suddenly a gush of wind blew her sweet and beutiful scent tingling down my throat. Never had i felt such pain and anguish yet the thrill of a new adventure. She clumsily walked over to the сиденье, место, сиденья opposite me and offered a big smile. This was when i could have killed her, this innocent girl looking at me through the locks of her deep brown hair. Her eyes looked deeply and yet shallowly into mine. This was the moment when i knew i could not ravish her. This was the moment i started to fall in love. The mystery of Love.

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about one месяц назад i responded to this girl saying that twilight sucks and jacobblackfan23 сказал(-а) to me how do Ты know that Rob hates twilight
well here's my proof
an interview with rob saying how he hates edward
don't hate me just cuzz i hate twilight
alot of ppl do.
please do read this and maybe your opinion well change but it's not my place to change it i am just posting this because jacobblackfan23 asked for proof so here it is jacobblackfan23
and alot of other people may want to see this as alot of Ты people may be very biased just because your so in Любовь with it
i used to be in Любовь with it too Rob just ruiend it for me so blame him not me
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