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Sting WCW Favourite "face" of Sting?

45 fans picked:
Old School Sting
TNA Sting
Early Sting
Wolfpac Sting
 Snerkie posted Больше года
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lonewolf4646 picked Old School Sting:
I like all of the "Sting faces", his original and Wolfpac being really good but I really like the oldschool(later WCW face) the best, and I'm not sure about his TNA look, seems to be something lacking, not sure what!!
posted Больше года.
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InCase picked Old School Sting:
Loved the Red and Black Wolfpac, well loved them all but can't go by the "old school Sting" that is when he was at his best.
posted Больше года.
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number1STINGfan picked Old School Sting:
i like the old skool sting because thats the face he had when he was a beast and i love the crow
posted Больше года.
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RyanS88 picked Wolfpac Sting:
It doesnt matter which face, sting's still the man
posted Больше года.
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Emy1402 picked Early Sting:
I love all of these pics.. Sting is sooo freaking sexy..... He's the man and always will be =D
posted Больше года.