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 a Kiss from summer glau
a kiss from summer glau
Summer Glau is the hottest psychopathic killer robot from the future I've ever seen. Her cold persona and lack of emotions when she's killing или thinking about killing people is somehow completely lovable. The producers of 'Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles' have achieved something great in Cameron, John Connors terminatrix protector and companion and part time malfunctioning assassin, played by the irresistable Summer Glau.

Summers ability to play the part of a confused killer terminatrix is unrivalled. In this weeks episode Glau pays a visit to a social worker in a halfway house and...
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posted by SummerGlaufan
I don't know how Summer Glau feels on a personal and professional level right now but i know that a lot of her Фаны are in a period of doubt; she has not found a regular role on a serie since The Cape was cancelled. I'm very well aware this is how the systems works in the movie/business; still we've seen Статьи online everyday for months where actors/actresses are hired in existing или new series for Summer или Fall shows.

Yet i have faith in her. And i'm going to explain why in this article.

I suppose many of Ты knows Joss Whedon's work and Ты know that he is known for portaying strong female...
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