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Dean parked the Impala as close to the local snack bar as possible. There was yellow tape around the building and the police and medical staff were there, too.
“Looks like we’re too late” Sam сказал(-а) defeated. They got out of the car and walked towards the sealed building.
Dean held up his fake ID, as did Sam, when a cop blocked their way.
“Mind if we take a look?” Dean asked. The cop let them through and Dean and Sam stepped underneath the yellow tape. They walked inside the building and even though they were used to seeing dead people, what they walked into was still a lot to stomach.
There were bodies everywhere and they all looked the same. Eyes burned out, blood coming out of their ears.
“Only an Энджел could’ve done this” Sam realized.
“Cas is not an Энджел anymore” Dean replied.
“Unless he is” Sam added. “Think about it, Dean. Gary was strangled to death, Ты saw the prints on his throat. Then both Frederik and Marcus were abducted. How did Cas do that if he was still human? Anna hasn’t been able to track him down. And Kevin told us he destroyed the tablets by causing a local earthquake”
Sam turned around and a young man stood behind him.
“I saw what happened” the man сказал(-а) trembling. “It was awful”
“Just sit down” Sam сказал(-а) considerate and the man sat down. “Tell us what Ты saw”
“I got an email today with an invitation to a party, from some guy named Castiel Novak. I had no idea who he was, so I didn’t trust it and I decided not to go. But after a while curiosity got the best of me and I went anyway” he paused.
“Then what happened?” Dean urged.
“I was standing outside, looking in. There was a man, I suppose that was Castiel, and he kicked a girl on the floor. From where I was standing she looked dead. Then he spread his arms and his entire body seemed to radiate. He opened his mouth and I don’t know what he was saying, but everyone just covered their ears and screamed. And then they were all dead”
Sam and Dean exchanged looks.
“Thank you. You’ve been really helpful” Sam said. Him and Dean left the snack bar.
“You’re right, Sammy” Dean admitted. “Cas has his powers back”
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