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 'Supernatural' Cast Rogue Magazine Photoshoot
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Source: Rogue Magazine / shared by JustJared.Com
Дженсен Эклс
Миша Коллинз
Джаред Падалеки
rogue magazine
issue 4
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Source: [img]http://fc05.deviantart.com/fs28/f/2008/150/7/5/Encyclopedia_of_Weirdness_29_by_Kentameadowwolf.
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Source: [img]http://fc05.deviantart.com/fs28/f/2008/150/7/5/Encyclopedia_of_Weirdness_29_by_Kentameadowwolf.
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Сэм Винчестер
Sam Winchester
The Man of Many Faces

Season 1 - An Innocent, sweet, sensitive but naive and Храбрая сердцем young man.

Season 2 - A lost, tortured soul, searching for his place in the world.

Season 3 - The loyal brother who wouldn't let his big brother die and go to Hell.

Season 4 - The misguided and selfish hunter who turned into a demon-blood drinking monster.

Season 5 - The remorseful and realistic hunter on the path to redemption.

Season 6 - The soulless, robotic but intelligent and humorous hunter.

The above descriptions are how I see Sam Winchester in each season. To me, he is the ultimate man with many faces. I find...
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I know that this idea has been done several times before, but I decided to do my own list. I know it's really short, I'll add еще later.

1. Never, under any circumstances, mess with Dean’s precious Impala.
2. Don’t piss off the nerd angels.
3. Giant teddy bears are extremely depressed and suicidal.
4. Myspace is a porn site.
5. Sacrificing is classier than killing.
6. Единороги ride on silver moonbeams and shoot rainbows out of their ass.
7. When an Энджел loses their faith in God, the appropriate response is to go on a bender.
8. Movie monster names can double as verbs.
9. M&M’s are perfectly...
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I've spent five months trying to figure out why the hell I Любовь this Показать so much, considering that I usually don't like horror shows. But Сверхъестественное has something special. The main theme of the Показать has nothing to do with horror. That's just a backdrop for a much broader Любовь story.

If Ты clicked on this thinking, "Ooh, Wincest- kinky!" you're gonna be disappointed, cuz that's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about the relationship these two boys- these two highly devoted brothers- have with each other. They Любовь each other, they really do. "Greater Любовь hath no man than this, that...
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Have Ты ever felt like your whole life is stuck in a crossroad? Your teacher is an evil witch? Your bank account seems to be visited by a freaking reaper? Ты think your neighbor’s dog is possessed by something? Sometimes Ты swear that your boss sold his/her own soul? All of that would make a good TV Показать (yea, right! As if anyone would even bother to watch)?

Okay first, let me tell you:
Your life truly sucks.

And second:
You are in the right place. Now sit down and grab some salt.
Here are some examples to follow from the people who know how to deal with crappy situations...
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There are Сверхъестественное Фаны all over the world, we all know and have experienced this! But there is a group of fantastic and dedicated Сверхъестественное Фаны over on the Addicted to Сверхъестественное Facebook group that I have known for a couple of years now. (Check out the group link) And last год for the UK Asylum convention in 2009 these girls and guys went about starting to make a fanbook to give to the Jensen and Jared in person and one for Kripke as well.
 Fanbook Vol.1
Fanbook Vol.1
They wanted to Показать the cast and crew how much their Показать means to us all and how it brought people in the group together...
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Dean: And the lunar cycles?
Sam: Uh-huh. месяц after месяц all the murders occur in the weeks leading up to the full moon.
Dean: Which is this week, right?
Sam: Hence the lawyer.
Dean: Awesome.
Sam: Dean, could Ты be a bigger geek about this?
Dean: I'm sorry man, but what about a human by day, a freak animal killing machine by night don't Ты understand? I mean, Волколаки are badass. We haven't seen one since we were kids.
Sam: Okay, Sparky. And Ты know what? After we kill it, we can go to Disneyland!
Madison: Ты get a few scotches in him and he starts hitting on anyone in a five mile radius. You...
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