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 Сверхъестественное - 15.04 - Atomic Monsters
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atomic monsters
season 15 episode 4
same winchester
Дин Винчестер
brighter coloring
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1. Ты have the lyrics of 'Carry On My Wayward Son' memorized
2. Ты say "Son of a Bitch" еще often when bad things happen
3. Ты try to find and own every single piece of Сверхъестественное merchandise out there
4. When Ты see "Pig in a Poke" on the Breakfast menu, Ты know not to order sausage with it
5. Ты hum 'Heat of the Moment' every Tuesday
6. Your not afraid to wear anything with plaid
7. Ты have to tell everyone when Ты see a '67 Chevy Impala
8. It is required to attend at least one Сверхъестественное Convention in your lifetime
9. Ты quote when with another Сверхъестественное Фан еще often than one...
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Supernatural's fifteenth and final season begins October 10 on The CW.
season 15
final season
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