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Looking for other symphonic metal bands, can Ты help me out?

Can Ты give me lists of symphonic metal bands that are similar to my favorite?
So, I like Within Temptation, Epica, Amberian Dawn, Kamelot, Xandria, Avantasia, Rhapsody of огонь and Nightwish. I do appreciate your help. Thank you.
The Gathering are my favorite.
SelinaKyle posted Больше года
 healingsprings posted Больше года
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KowalskiTheLich said:
A few symphonic bands I like are:
Battlelore (Symphonic power, like Rhapsody of Fire)
Dimmu Borgir (Symphonic black)
Equilibrium (Symphonic folk)
Haggard (Symphonic/Renaissance metal)
Blind Guardian (Symphonic power)
Dark Moor (Melodic power)
Luca Turilli (Symphonic metal side project of the gutiarist from Rhapsody of Fire)
Visions of Atlantis (Symphonic power)
Tarja (solo project of Tarja Turunen from Nightwish)
Apocolyptica (Metal on cellos)
Delain (Like Nightwish/Within Temptation)
Fairyland (Symphonic power)

I also know a lot of symphonic extreme metal bands, if Ты want some of them just let me know :)
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posted Больше года 
Thanks soo much!
healingsprings posted Больше года
Try We Are The Fallen, Their like Evanescence.
XDEPICXD2 posted Больше года
^ We Are The Fallen is not symphonic nor is Evanescence.
Cyanide7 posted Больше года
Cyanide7 said:
Although this has been asked over a год ago, I'm gonna leave this answer for anyone else who might look for some decent symphonic metal songs
Listen to Therion's Vovin (1998) and you'll forget about all those bands. Their records are еще classical than any other band.
Also their Theli (1996) and Sirius B (2004) albums are great.
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posted Больше года 
Therion. ♥
ArcticWolf posted Больше года
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