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Scar: Tailsica's always arguing with her brother and heres one reasion why. their parents. i will tell Ты the story of how Tailsica and Asurath the foxes became from great brother and sisters. to eachothers worst Enemies..... let me take Ты to the battle that changes their lives....
(20 maybe 30 years ago)
Scar: the story begins in the Vampire kingdom where Tailsica and Asurath were playfighting.
Tailsica: *in волк form* com on Asy! Ты scared?
Asurath: HEY! DONT CALL ME THAT!!! *chases Tailsica in dog form*
Tailsica: *laughs and skids to a halt also turning* TAKE THIS!! *tackles brother and pins...
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Source: person i used the fox/hedgehog base from (i forget names)
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Tailsica playing as Symore.
Shadow playing as Audry two

Tailsica: oh boy here we go again.. come on i havent got much left! just give me a few days to heal and we'll start again on the left-
Shadow: feed me...
Tailsica: beg your pardon?
Shadow: Feed me...
Tailsica: Twoie! y-you talked! y-ya opened ya trap! y-ya sing and y-
Tailsica: i-i-i cant!
Shadow: IM STARVIN'!
Tailsica: Look! maybe i can squeeze a little еще out of this one! *feeds blood from finger*
Shadow: еще еще еще BLOOD!
Tailsica: *pushes the plant away* THERE IS NO MORE! WHAT DO Ты WANT ME TO DO?! SLIT...
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posted by DaisyFlower46
??? : *Flicks the gadget open* KNOCK HIM OUT IDIOT!! DON'T KILL HIM!!!
Harlie : *Lunges at Asurath and knocks him out* Subject put to rest. *picks him up and flies away*
Gongman City, China
Marjing Tower
9:00 AM
Shen : *Sitting on a pole top* Now that I have the brother, husband, parents, and sister. I can EASILY bring her to me. *Rolls foot into a fist* And Ты will help will Ты NOT Tails Doll?
Tails Doll : Y-Yes master...*Looks down*
Shen : GOOD. Now go Поиск into her mind. I want to see what damaged he husband's DEATH--...
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Tailsica's story.

Tailsica: I never was this violent или cruel... I can tell Ты my story but it is gruesome.. I guess I should start at when Everything went bad.... That's where it seems to have began... So here's how it began Children.. Listen closely because I will not tell thee twice...
15 years ago
Vampire Kingdom
9:45:15.6 A.Mh

Tailsica(n): now it began as a good summers morning just as I began my daily routine...

Tailsica: ASURATH!! WAKE UP!!!
Asurath: AHH!! IM UP!!!
Tailsica: *football tackles Asurath out of bed* GET UP...
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Ok Tailsica wasnt really my first character. I had Flame waaaay befor Tailsica. anyways my first character was Flame the hedgebat (yes my first idea was a hedgebat) anyways i stuck with Flame for a while then i moved to Many the peonix. (i had no female names inviled) Meny was pretty cool bause every time she died she came back to life. but i soon got bored of her and moved on. during 2000-2001 i didnt have a character so i made a few adoptions none suited me. in 2002 i found Fanpop because i was wonderinf if sonic and Shadow were brothers. well i found the Фан character club and began going...
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Tailsica's theme because of her dark side....
posted by DaisyFlower46
Lord Shen's Palace
Shen : *Walks up to a few cages* Your such a fool.
Asurath : Ты can chain my body...put you'll never chain my pride Shen!
Shen : Pft! Please, Ты have no pride. Look at you, caged in chains...BEATEN down by my wolves.
Asurath : ...
Shen : Your actions casued me to have to lock that hedgehog down in the ocean. или to be еще Bit precise...feed him to a little water god that we all like to call..."CHAOS."
Shen : Oh but the fun part begins here...I had my guards disguise as villagers...to send Tailsica...
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posted by DaisyFlower46
Airilin City
11:30 PM
Emily : *Watching from rooftops* Where are you...
Tyler : That Mephilis guy is DEAD! When I get my hands on him I'll--
Emily : --OOHHH shut up мех ball. You'll get ur share of kill when I find Tails Doll. *Keeps watching* Now where are you?
Tyler : *Looks up* *Sits down and stares at the moon* (Where did Ты go?)
Emily : AHA! *Jumps off the side*
Tyler : Hm? *Turns around* !! EMILY?! *Looks over the side*
Emily : Over here мех ball!
Tyler : *Looks up* Huh?
Emily : Stay put. *Standing on a building across from Tyler* *Rushes off*
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I was born to lead или was i born to kill..? Here's my story....

(just pretend that the narrater is talking)

Tailsica(me) : *is leaning on a rock looking at the sky* Mom... dad...


Foxy(mom) : GORSE!!! TAILSICA!! *gets wounded deep enough to kill then sliced on the throat and falls to the ground*

Tailsica(me) : MOM!!!!

Attackers Leader: HA!! Your parents are dead. Now come with us..

Tailsica(me) : NO!!! *grabs a sword from somewhere and rushes вперед slicing the attackers throat feeling the warm spray of blood*

(out of memories)

Tailsica(me) : Why... Why did i kill..? *looks down at sword...
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