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Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy Kwanzaa everyone!! (:

Gwen's pov!

"I'll take good care of them, don't Ты worry." A pretty blonde headed girl smiled to my mother. "Just remember that the 'do and don'ts' Список is on the fridge. Have a good night." She grabbed her пальто and кошелек and left behind the closed door. I looked at my two brothers, Jake and Daniel, who were playing with their blocks like nothing was happening. "What are Ты guys doing? There's an imposter in our house!" I whisper-yelled at them. "What are Ты talking about, Gwen? That's our babysitter." Jake rolled his eyes...
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Back at the studio,Geoff had a meeting after the Показать was over. He gathered all of his Друзья that stayed behind. While others left for their homes.
"Alright, is everybody here?" Geoff asked.
"All except for some of them." сказал(-а) Bridgette.
"Like who?"Geoff asked.
"Let's see,"she said,"Eva,Alejandro,Noah,Katie,Sadie,Sierra,Cody and Blainley."
"Why can't they help out instead of leave so fast." Geoff said.
"I'm sure that they've all got their reasons Geoff. Besides, Ты mustn't forget, they've got their own lives to live as well."Bridgette said.
He сказал(-а) "Well if they are our friends,they'd still help...
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Do Ты know how GxT got together? not because Trent was sweet to Gwen,nor because that thought each other as soul*sighs* because has anyone see the big sleep first season? a shooting звезда passed by... i think they both wished on it heres what i think.
*Gwen's pov*
he is so cute! i like him. Эй, a shooting star! i wish i could be with Trent.
*Trent's pov*
she is so cool. wonder if she sees what i see in her. a shooting star! me and Gwen together, please! *no one pov* they got their wish. but sadly it ended.
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Authours P.O.V

Um, well third chapter Kinda gets........SEcrety
Hope Ты Enjoy.

Gwen Mathhias

That, so called idiotic Stacy.
Well she better rememeber I konw all her secrets, about here and Trent, she told me and Leshawna &Bridgette&Heather&Courtney.
She just never told us WHO she was dating now i know.

I was Crying my сердце out in the Female toliets.
I heard someone come in, i quickly held my tears and sobbed quietly.


Someone-Gwen are Ты in here, we have science in 7 minutes.
Me-Bridgette is that you
Me-Are Courtney,Heather...
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 Gwen in Любовь with Trent
Gwen in love with Trent
Authours P.O.V

UM,this is the секунда chapter of NO!!I Don't Want To.

Trent Smith p.o.v

"Bye"We сказал(-а) at the same time
End of FlashBack

I just meet a new friend,well whatever i have a DAte with Stacy so i betta Go или she will kill me.

Gwen Matthias p.o.v

I was at school.My school is called Black Crity High, just kidding it's real name is: Blaze City High School.
I was at my lockers just talking to Bridgette,Leshawna,Stacy and Heather (Heather &Gwen are Друзья in this story.

Bridgette-"Hey, Gwen,hello earth to Gwen"
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Trent's pov!
I hoped out of my old rusty truck and leaned up against the '10 miles to Vancouver sign.' i lit my ciggarete up with my lighter and blew smoke out of my mouth and i could see memories being blown away in the dark white like smoke cloud. i have been gone for almost a decade now since i had just gotten a recording deal contract. i rubbed my forehead in a frustrating tone. there are so many things to regret the night i left my hometown. maybe it's just guilt and not regret,or both..i`m not to sure. saying goodbye to my family..friends...and most of all,girlfriend. that's the main one...
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My P.O.V (YAY, I got a P.O.V! XD)
Hi! This is my first Статья ever. Please, i beg Ты to be honest, tell me if it's good или a fail and if I should continue. So yay, let's get started. =D 


Gwen P.O.V

There I was. The weather was extremely cold and I was walking back Главная in quick steps after a disgusting день in my job. Oh yeah, what about Total Drama, Ты may ask. The Показать ended a long time ago. And right now, I'm 20 years old. A tons of things changed... But... At the same time... Others haven't. I still being goth, in a way. Just my hair is...
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Trent's pov!
I was sitting in my apartment,strumming my гитара to the sounds of Nickelback filling my room with music. i heard the guy from Далее door hit my Стена again. "turn it down! i wont say it again!"he screamed. people just don't know what real Музыка is these days. i turned it down low. this apartment building was like a hotel,but with bigger rooms. i have been hearing and seeing some weird shit. there is this guy i always see before i go out to play at the bar and he's super wasted. drunk horribly. then when he opens his door i hear this woman scream of horror. when he shuts the door...
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Gwen's pov!
this is the most boring aftermath Показать ever. its the last episode ever people,just let us all go home! i`m sitting beside my love,Duncan. me and Trent are over,its time to Переместить on. "this is gonna be the very last episode of total drama!"Chris said. only the crowd cheered. "now,we are gonna see the most painful drama clips,on that's gonna leave a mark!"Geoff said. the clip lasted for 15 minutes. barfing,falling,getting hit by something,explosives,anything in all of the seasons. "that was AWESOME! how about we figure out the couple of total drama,shall we?"Chris said. "Owen and Izzy!...
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