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Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy Kwanzaa everyone!! (:

Gwen's pov!

"I'll take good care of them, don't Ты worry." A pretty blonde headed girl smiled to my mother. "Just remember that the 'do and don'ts' Список is on the fridge. Have a good night." She grabbed her пальто and кошелек and left behind the closed door. I looked at my two brothers, Jake and Daniel, who were playing with their blocks like nothing was happening. "What are Ты guys doing? There's an imposter in our house!" I whisper-yelled at them. "What are Ты talking about, Gwen? That's our babysitter." Jake rolled his eyes...
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 Gwen in Любовь with Trent
Gwen in love with Trent
Authours P.O.V

UM,this is the секунда chapter of NO!!I Don't Want To.

Trent Smith p.o.v

"Bye"We сказал(-а) at the same time
End of FlashBack

I just meet a new friend,well whatever i have a DAte with Stacy so i betta Go или she will kill me.

Gwen Matthias p.o.v

I was at school.My school is called Black Crity High, just kidding it's real name is: Blaze City High School.
I was at my lockers just talking to Bridgette,Leshawna,Stacy and Heather (Heather &Gwen are Друзья in this story.

Bridgette-"Hey, Gwen,hello earth to Gwen"
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