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posted by xXBloodPaperXx
Also, before every chapter, I will write Цитаты that inspired me to write that specific chapter :3

The official note of officialness, which is very official:

This is a completely AU story, in which the TD cast go to the same high school, and they're in the junior год :D

I don't own Total Drama. If I did, there would be no drama ^.^

Quote of the chapter: When you're gone, the pieces of my сердце are missing you, Avril Lavigne, 'When you're gone'

Please, enjoy! :D

Gwen's P.O.V

I sat down in the cafeteria, Далее to my friends. Bridgette and Geoff were making out, as usual, Leshawna and DJ were talking...
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posted by Rida103
"What happened" says Gwen at 7:30
"Mornin' princes"
*in her head*
Oh yea
"Hey, why are Ты up so early, even before me." "I'm not surprised, Ты had 14 cups of coffe to stay awake for 4 hours."
*what?* "Oh I thought that my breath tasted funny." "Don't worry I had a breath mint just now." says Duncan Поцелуи Gwen.(all Ты DXG Фаны go "WWWWWWWHHHOOOOOOOO!!!")At Courtney's place:
Lindsay,"Courtney, what time is it? "Shhh, Courtney's in the bathroom, she slept in there all night crying." "Beth what are Ты talking about." "We're at Courtney's house remember?" "Oh yea." "Courtney come out of the bathroom!"...
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