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***This here is a collaboration fanfiction that will be done in parts by Gwentrend24 and me, Bakes2389. This first part is by me, Bakes2389. This is meant as a fanfiction from Duncan's point of view as he ventured into and out of TDWT and onto TDAS. We are trying to make this as accurate as possible with the dialogue and scenes from the show. Hope Ты enjoy!***

Part 1:

    A few months had passed since the end of Total Drama Action, the reality Показать that had been sweeping the nation for two consecutive seasons. The show's juvenile delinquent had taken the win, and for his...
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Based on the movie, Cyberbully.

Gwen's P.O.V

Beep. Beep. Beep.

I moaned and flung my hand over the annoying alarm clock, searching for the large plastic 'Snooze' button. Time for school. I got up, brushed out my black and чирок strands of hair, pulled out a white corset with black splotches on it, a white mini юбка with a Chinese symbol painted on it meaning, 'peace', and black converse. After I got changed, I turned my attention to the desktop computer sitting in my room. I was observing a chat specifically for students that attend my school,...
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(Update!! Yay!!! Full credit goes to Alternativeactress on Fanfiction!)

"Agh!" I opened my heavy eyelids to Trent's screaming. Then I realized why he was screaming. We were free falling from the plan! Again! I joined his screaming then everyone else realized what was happening. Apparently Chris and Chef had dragged us into the cargo hold and then dropped us.

"Hey kids! Ты better get into your paddle boats!" Chris shouted at us. I saw two лебедь boats falling with us. Duncan, Alejandro, Heather, and I grabbed onto one of them, while Trent and Cody grabbed onto the other one. Then we hit the water,...
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*the wedding*
(Duncan's pov)
I'm so glad that I'm finally getting married to Gwen. Here she comes down the isle. Her чирок платье, бальное платье with black jems surrounding her waist. Her чирок and black hair straightened down. Oh god she looks hot.
(no ones pov)
Priest:do Ты Duncan Harrison take Gwen Morgin to be your wife threw sickness and threw health? Duncan:I do. Priest:and do Ты Gwen Morgin take Duncan Harrison to be your husband threw sickness and threw health? Gwen:I do. Priest:by the power invested in me I now pronounce Ты man and wife Ты may now Kiss the bride. *Duncan & Gwen kiss* Gwen:I Любовь you. Duncan:I Любовь Ты too. Daniella:*claps and girgles.*
<3 THE END <3
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 the rock climbing challenge
the rock climbing challenge
Duncans POV
OK so it was like 6am and that bastard Chris comes along and screams into a bullhorn. i swear that dude is fucked up. even though we were still in our pajamas all the guys just stumbled out the cabin, it was amazing the girls were already dressed and everything. i tried my best to get near Gwen but Elvis, Ты know who o mean, was bugging her. i could tell because i could see it in her eyes that she wasn't listening. then she saw me. her face lit up.
Chris: ok campers your challenge today is rock climbing...
Heather:whats so bad about that!?
Chris:ah Ты didn't let me finish so shut...
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*He pushes her on the floor, gently takes off her рубашка and starts Поцелуи her*

Gwen: *rolls on вверх of him* And Ты think that was bad?..

Duncan: *smiles* Yes, bitch! *kisses her*

Gwen:*whispers* I like it when Ты call me that..


Gwen: Uh.. Duncan.. Duncan, wait!! *silence* Duncan.. What about.. PROTECTION?!

Duncan: *laughs and starts Поцелуи her* I thought Ты don't need any..

Gwen: *stands up* Ugh!! I can't believe you!! What if I.. what if I get pregnant or, or..

Duncan: *smiles* или get a...

Gwen: Oh, just stop it!! YOU'RE the biggest disease!!

Duncan: *grabs her hand* Hey.. No one ever called...
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