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Sorry for the small Иконка dump xD
(Gwen's P.O.V.)
Well, it's been about two weeks into school, and I'm already getting straight A's. My mom is SO proud of me.
I got up this morning all groggy and grumpy. My hair was a big matted mess. I didn't want to get up, and I have no clue why. I love school.
I finally got out of постель, кровати ten минуты after my alarm clock went off. I took a ten минута shower, blow dried my hair, and combed out the long blue and black streaks till they were silky smooth. I could see the white streaks of shine when my hair was all dry.
I ran downstairs in my t-shirt, wearing my юбка and leggings, getting on my...
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A sound like a siren jolted me up out of my bed, and caused me to literally roll out of it. The right half of my body was stunned for a moment, taking time to absorb the shock.

"I'm so going to kill Chris, and then clobber that bullhorn for dessert!" I сказал(-а) through my gritted teeth.

"That didn't sound like Kyle's bullhorn." Lindsay сказал(-а) as she rubbed her blonde hair in the bunk under Heather's, who was putting tons of powder on her already pale face. She was dabbing most of it underneath her puffy eyes.

"Who else would it be, Lindsiot?" Courtney screamed at her. Lindsay scooted backwards on her...
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7th grade
Courtney's P.O.V.
UHG, I still haven't gotten over the fact that Duncan kissed Gwen in the 6th grade! And that I SWORE in front of a TEACHER! Well, at least I put the blame on Duncan and Gwen, and I didn't get in trouble! :) I hope Gwen stays away from Duncan. She has lately. I really don't mind that they high five each other, I mean, come on, they're best friends, I can't stop them from doing THAT, it's natural. I guess I don't mind it when they hug. Best Друзья can hug. When either one of them kisses the other one's cheek, I get kinda pi- I mean ticked. When they Kiss each other,...
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6th Grade
Duncan's P.O.V.
Ahhhg the school dance is coming up. I HATE dances. In my team (we have teams at my middle school. I'M ON ORION! :p), your language arts teacher FORCES Ты to ask someone, или they ask out your crush FOR you! Well, I basically have two crushes, but I'm not gonna tell Ты who they are!
But, an obvious crush is Courtney. She's got a kick жопа, попка (gasp, I swore! Big whoop! No teacher is gonna read THIS! >:3) attitude, and her parents got LAWYERS! She keeps saying, "MY PARENTS WILL SUE YOU!" I Любовь when she says that.
Well, I DO have my best friend Gwen... I don't think that...
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part 2.
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Duncan P.O.V.

Alejandro came back to first class with a smile of his face."What's with you?"I asked."What do Ты mean?"He questioned."I mean Ты left with a Шоколад chip cookie to looser class and came back with a smile"I replied.He smirked,"One of the girls are playing hard to get."

"Yeah that's Heather for you,"I said.Alejandro chuckled."What?"I asked."It's not Heather,"Alejandro answered.That's weird,If it's not Heather then who else could it...Oh Sierra!
"Sierra?"I questioned/answered."Nope,"He said.There was only one person left to say."Cody!?!"I said/yelled."NO!"He yelled. can't...
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----------------Episode Missing Scene--------------

(I totally forgot to add a scene to the lunch time scene in Cyberbully Part 1, so hear it is. Remember, Bridgette, LeShawna, Gwen, and Duncan are currently at their lunch table.)

Duncan's P.O.V

Gwen and I were just talking about Болталка stuff. It turns out that we have a lot in common. Man, that chick just TURNED. ME. ON! I think I actually like her. Not just, 'like' her, I mean, 'like like' her. All of a sudden, some dude walked up to our table. He had изумруд green eyes, shaggy black hair, a camouflage T-shirt, black jeans, and green sneakers....
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OK, today at school...something totally awesome and totally weird happened at school, the teacher came late and we had like 15 минуты off of class.
OK well we all went to the cort and me and Johnny were the first ones there, he was walking with me right?Well when we were going across the cement he...GRABBED MY HAND.
When he grabbed my hand he looked the other way and I looked at the ground like totally blushing and actually smiling, and biting my lip.
I looked at him for a секунда and he was looking ht eother way kinda half smiling.
When we got to the cort's stair/seats...
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listen to this guys rant. Stop the Фан war!
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This can't be happening…

He watched through the rain, the police, a скорая помощь and a огонь truck, surrounded the tall apartment building, they've roped off the whole place, Болталка pedestrians passing by, in awe of the scene, it was disgusting, it was nauseating, it was horrible, it was the worst thing that could ever happen in Duncan's life.

"What happened?" His voice croaked, he hid his feelings, did not dare anyone to let them see him this way. He always did this, and always faked his sadness to get around…this hurt too much to be fake, he was dreaming…he had to be dreaming.
The police prevented...
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