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Part 11! WOW! Seems like that only yesterday I was thinking of doing this story. Oh, how the time does fly! Anyway....I'm gonna story now. :3 Hope Ты likey! :D


*Cody's POV*

I couldn't believe what had happened only a few mere hours ago. Chris had found out me and Noah were secretly dating, and.....I didn't know if that was good. Despite my troubled mind, I was somehow able to find sleep. Of course, it was only минуты later when the freakign PA system clicked on.

"Alright everyone, rub the sand out of your eyes,...
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Everyone was eating lunch at the cafeteria. Noah grabbed his lunch and winced at it. It was... moving... he decided to ignore it. All of the таблица were crowded. 'Geez, Chris.' Noah thought. 'Why did Ты have to pick so many contestants?'

All Noah saw was an empty сиденье, место, сиденья by Cody. He shrugged to himself, but his head was spinning.

He sat down in front of Cody. "Hey," Noah said, trying not to blush. Cody looked up. "Oh, hey... Noah." Cody said, hoping he didn't sound too stupid.

Noah slowly dug his spoon into what appeared to be mashed potatoes. He slowly raised his spoon to his mouth and stuck the...
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