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Source: <3 found at the Twilight Series spot
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This is just a simple slideshow of the always gorgeous Taylor Lautner. I changed his eye color to baby blue/aqua. Not that I don't Любовь his beautiful brown eyes, I just wanted to see how he would look with blue eye
Тэйлор Лотнер
Джейкоб Блэк
blue eyes
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Okay so this chapter is my favourite and I think Ты are going to enjoy (crossed fingers) it! Okay so just remeber to leave your feedback-it's always great to see it.

Alice wouldn’t let me go until she and Rosalie had дана me a complete makeover; I didn’t complain though, it was nice to have girl time. Jacob gave me a dazzling smile as I walked back into the living room a full час later, he and Emmet and jasper had probably been chatting about some new turbo engine.
“Wow Ты look... amazing,” Jacob breathed as I walked into his open arms while Emmet wolf...
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Hey, here is Chapter 9 enjoy!

It was like someone was trying to wake me from a deep sleep. I wanted to wake up but I couldn’t Переместить there was too much pain. That’s when I heard the voice, his beautiful voice.
“No Nessie, don’t stop breathing. Keep your сердце beating, breath Nessie breathe!” Jacob sobbed over my chest.
“Jacob, Ты need to let me look at her, it’s the only way to save her,” Carlisle said, worry in his calm voice. Jacob didn’t say anything but leaned back and took my hand.
“Ed...Edward, she is going to be okay, isn’t she?” I heard mum sob in her wind chime...
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Warning: This is just my Фэнтези coming through. And some information to you; the story plays before Bella became a Vampire and there is no Nessie in sight. So its just for our little Jacob's sake, he needs some luving.

When your world crashes, what can Ты do?
Twenty days had passed, twenty long days and there wasnt a change. Not for her, not for me and not for the Cullens. I was sitting in front of the постель, кровати of my love, holding her hand that yet felt so much colder. She was breathing, looking like she did sleep, but we all knew that wasnt the case. My sleeping beauty. I was about slapping myself...
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