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:D Damn, they're back and awesome.
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"Here I Sit (Demo)"

Here I sit in a low lit room
I think I'd like Ты right on top
All I have is a mind that needs to sink
You're always right on top
Guess if Ты were around tonight I know
I'd ask the Вопросы if Ты still got it
You still got it?

Here I sit in a place we used to lay
And I’d Любовь Ты right on top
Now I know like a taste that melts away
One день you'll stop

If Ты say
I'm scared
It's never right
It's unfair
Was it ever right?
It's too bad you're lonely
'Cause I'm alright as long as I'm with you
As long as I'm with you

Guess your name on a Стена I see
Your face too and I just can't stop
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