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The GazettE and their shocking experiences!  VKei_Addict 2 4431 Больше года
the GazettE's Excite New год Комментарий 2012  VKei_Addict 1 4169 Больше года
what would Ты do if Ты saw the gazettE in person?  sugarcane15 11 5360 Больше года
RadioJack with Reita feat. Aoi (5th September 2008)  VKei_Addict 0 4766 Больше года
You've released 2 singles, Regret and FITB, so Ты guys can relax a bit, right? [Neogen YB 2006]  VKei_Addict 0 4765 Больше года
About Reita's fashion...  VKei_Addict 0 3699 Больше года
It's a kinda digressing Вопрос but does Ruki also do SM ?  VKei_Addict 0 2669 Больше года
Pets~ [Neogen YB 2006]  VKei_Addict 0 3785 Больше года
What are Ты currently into right now? [Neogen YB 2006]  VKei_Addict 0 2289 Больше года
GUREN  VKei_Addict 0 2488 Больше года
Are Ты concerned about environmental issues?  VKei_Addict 0 2384 Больше года
UNTITLED (the GazettE)  VKei_Addict 0 2402 Больше года
Your favourite artist?  VKei_Addict 0 2427 Больше года
What's the most reckless thing you've done?  VKei_Addict 0 2335 Больше года
Reita as a cameraman recording Ruki holding his гитара  VKei_Addict 0 2480 Больше года
Kai's first impression of Ruki  VKei_Addict 0 2427 Больше года
When meeting for the first time, what were your impressions of each other?  VKei_Addict 0 2624 Больше года
the GazettE VORTEX Sticker-Set Giveaway  VKei_Addict 0 4038 Больше года
“D.L.N,” the GazettE  VKei_Addict 0 3413 Больше года
Kai interview  irinaguzun 1 5462 Больше года
еще Information  KarolinaPEACE 2 3642 Больше года
best fav song and least fav song  sugarcane15 2 2952 Больше года
Kai's birthday today  sugarcane15 3 2596 Больше года
Can anyone help me find a live video version of shichi gatsu youka?  KubotaniS 1 2529 Больше года
who's your Избранное member?  sugarcane15 9 2008 Больше года
thanks  sugarcane15 0 2041 Больше года
Banner, icon, etc..  cmrm 0 2053 Больше года
does anyone have any ideas to make this club better?  sugarcane15 2 1387 Больше года
Вопрос about the type of girls the members from the gazettE likes  Alexandra101708 1 13206 Больше года
for all Ты "I know about the band" shit heads  sugarcane15 0 4991 Больше года
talk here  sugarcane15 0 1948 Больше года
The GazettE's 2007 European Tour.  dzintra_zc 1 2255 Больше года
Are the Gazette ever coming to perform in the U.S?  sakuraoni 1 2136 Больше года