The Harry Potter Книги Harry Potter Musical Contest

HaleyDewit posted on Nov 19, 2010 at 12:22PM
Here's how it goes:

♫Someone posts a scene from Harry Potter from one of the books .First round that will be me,next round the winner is to post one.
♫The fans add a song that fits the scene best according to them
♫Don't use a song that's been played in Charmed.I don't expect you to know all songs that have been played,but for example don't play the theme song.
♫There will be three days to add your songs and three days for voting.
♫The winner will be on the winner's list.
♫The winning song will be in the article section :)

Member's list:

♪Ellen (HaleyDewit)

(I'll put up a scene as soon as there are enough members)

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