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The earth (Gaea) and the Sky (Uranus) meet and there was the creation of the first divine species in the world. They are called Titans. They rule the world with their own will until they propagate. They possess Сверхъестественное power. These abilities were inherited by their own prodigy. The titans turn to evil and greedy when it comes to power. They turned to kill everyone who might just take their place, even their own offspring. The great Uranus was killed by one of his great son, the Titan named Kronos.
Until Kronos rule, he bitterly eats his own sons and daughter to avoid ccompetition. Until her wife, Rhea, rigged him to eat a stone instead of his own son Zeus. Zeus, when capable had dwelled with his own father to save all of his siblings inside his father. He won and unleashes his sibling. From that, Zeus Created the Olympian Gods with his own sibling. He divided the world and let his own brothers and sister manage it.
Some forces from ancient time were still stirring up. They are Hungry for power and ready to take over дана a chance. The Olympian Gods try to stop them but they happen to be incapable of dying.
The Olympians manage to fight and protect their own thrones. Until a great prophecy has come. From their own descendants, rises a species that will control the world. They will be as powerful as Gaea and Uranus. This idea has scared a lot of the Demigods. Zeus turns to be insecure when it comes to the Demigods. He urged strictness and tries to manipulate them until he can. Some tried to escape and others lived a life far from the Gods.
No one know what could be this descendants on the prophecy can be capable of. A Power that can level Zeus’s grandfathers, Uranus, scared him a lot. The Olympus was in great pressure. The Gods had panicked and the Ancient titan uses this opportunity to defeat them. The Titans aim to find the demigods and urged them to Присоединиться their forces until they defeated the Olympians.

I was on the bus, watching as the rain pour outside by the window. I could still hear my mom’s voice last night talking to Aunt Clarrise. I could still recognize how her voice trembles with fears. I’ve been eavesdropping on them for three nights since Aunt Clarrise visit my moms consecutively. I know something was wrong. I feel like I was a five-star-jerk hopelessly listening as with them because I know I won’t be able to win an argument with my mom to tell me everything. I tried to sharpen my hearing to gain some information but only one line from my moms seems to feed my ignorance some information.
“My boy is not even dyslexic, no monster since, no sign from my bloodline, nor from his own father. I won’t risk my boy in any of those camps. ”

And that was the first time I heard my mom talked about my father. They told me I look a lot of him. That’s all that I know. He has been forbidden to be talk about him in our house. If asked my mom about him, she will just change the subject или ill be sorry for her mood swings.
But what is my mom talking about?
My grandfather’s bloodline?
I don’t even know if I had one. I don’t even know if my grandfather has ever existed. I only know few relatives. Mostly are family friends. I don’t even know if I could consider me and my mom as a family. I never saw my dad. I hate him. Hate him for being the most incredible father ever.
I only knew Uncle Chiron ( moms friend) and Aunt Hylla(mom’s sister who work in the амазонка shipping and stuffs.) and Aunt Clarrise(as she recently shows and declare that she is one of my moms friend) . That’s why when I hear Uncle Chiron’s name being mention, I try to hear them clearer. Aunt Clarisse told my mom that Uncle Chiron told him that Annabeth’s girl was in the same conditions, no signs yet, still the girl is moving at the camp this coming summer.
Then the bus had stop and the other kids were now on their way out.
I hate going to school, but I know no matter how effortless I was, I still excel and вверх on the class. Maybe Mrs. Bobofit (my hideously ugly teacher) hate me for that. That kleptomaniac psycho always tries to find ways to get me into trouble. The good thing is, she always fail. In short, I was an effortless achiever. I think many people like me for that. Many students like to hang out with me, some are really nice, others think I was different and weird. But most of the time, many girls like me (believe me, they told me.). I sometimes flirt with them but most of the time I always try to avoid them. They kind’ a irritating for me.
“Hey Jonas!” Shouted by the voice from the back. Rhima
“Hi, what’s up?” I manage a forced smile.
“Did Ты already see her?” She asked
“See who?” I asked her.
“Hmm, maybe Ты will just meet her in the class later.” She said.
I try not to answer her, it might just prolong a conversation that is out of my interest. I waited patiently in my own chair. Waiting for my first teacher----Mrs. Bobofit. While waiting, too many thoughts are coming to my mind. For the first time, I wish Mrs. Bobofit was now around. I’ll be crazy thinking about everything.
It’s been fifteen минуты until she arrived. She wore a sleek black blazer and a pair of intimidating and strict-looking eye glasses.
“Alright honeys,” she started.” I guess we will be having a new student in the class. Be sure to be nice with her”.
A new student in the middle of the school year? Strange. Then all of the thinking and questioning in my head stop when the new student makes her way in front. As she enter the room, she wear a розовый куртка and pair of a worn out jeans. Her hair ranges from the blond to golden brown. I can see braided portion of it at the back of her ears. She was toned and glowing. I can see how blushing her cheek was even she slightly nodded in front. Her lips looked like вишня red. What caught my attention was a pair of green eyes. Its Показать both intelligence and innocence. This new girl is really pretty. Then she raises her face as she speaks. I felt that my hearing has failed. All of my attention was focused on her lips as they speak but I could barely hear what she was talking about. Then, my head turn to be upside down and I was really dizzy. The letters from the board, they are moving, I feel like they are dancing tango. I shook my head and I try to focus until I retrieved my senses. I closed my eyes for a moment and try to glance back.
“What’s her full name?” I asked Rhima on my back.
“Althesia Jackson,” she started. “Daughter of the famous architect, Annabeth Jackson.” She whispered
Then a sudden pain on my head flickered. I know something was wrong with me now. I try to retrieve again my senses.
Her mother’s name was Annabeth? Is this the Annabeth my mom and Aunt Clarrise were talking about? Is there something wrong with us? They сказал(-а) we are in the same case.
“Jonas Grace,” Mrs. Bobofit started. “Is there something wrong?”
“N-no ma’am” I stammered.
Mrs. Bobofit turned to Althesia. She study Althesia and look again to me.
Since Ms. Jackson is new, I’ll pair Ты up with Mr. Grace. I’ll expect Mr. Grace will try to Показать Ты around.
CHAPTER TWO: The New girl beats me on Chess.
After our class, some kids’ leisure their selves before the school bus are ready to take us home. We try to find ways to make ourselves less bored. One of my most Избранное ways is through Board games---chess.
Well, me and my mom had some financial problems before. My mom always tries to spend for us with her work--a secretarial position in a publishing company. Her job seems to be not enough. Aunt Hylla always tries to help us before but my mom always turns down her offer. The only thing she approves was a scholarship from the Amazon. Sometimes Aunt Hylla tries to sneak in our school and give me some cash for my allowance. That’s why many of my classmates thought that me and my mom was rich. They don’t really know the whole story.
By the way, I learn to gamble with chessboards. If I win I can take whatever I want---their allowance, their lunch, their tickets for two in the cinemas. Maybe this is on of the things Mrs. Bobofit doesn’t know about me. Why? Because I took my prize when we are in the school bus. Well, not all of the time I use chess as a gamble. Sometimes I tried to play chess with bullies and ask for the things they took with the helpless one in the class.
It was Brenda Castellan who was now playing with Helga Huge. I wonder how Brenda convinced dumb Helga to fight her on chess. It was to my surprise that Helga was actually winning the board game. I wonder if Helga’s brain cell was now trying to reproduce. I can see how pressured Brenda was. On the board was a piece of eye glass---Rhima’s. Then my anger surge, this bully was trying to mess up with again with Rhima?
“Checkmate, Ты just Остаться в живых hero.” Helga grinned. “Anyone who wants a fight?”
“Aye.”I started. “Ill bet my own allowance.”
“Not enough hero,” she started. “I want that Золото coin in your pocket.”
How did she know I got a Золото coin on my pocket? Even Rhima doesn’t know about it. I never told anyone. Not even my mom. After she gave the golden coin to me and told me it belongs to my father, I never let it out of my pocket.
“Fine” I said, “promise me Ты will return the Glasses after I beat you.”
“Too proud. I’ll make sure you’ll be sorry” she answered.
I noticed some familiar accent on her voice. It was not hers. Her tone sounds big dumb girl, this one sounds ancient.
“Cut your drama, let’s see how many cell your brain has reproduced.”I teased her
She turned red as if she was never been humiliated when it comes to her own brain capabilities. Definitely not her, but I don’t mind it that much since I find it exciting to beat her up.
* * *
The game runs smooth on me. I called the shots of game. I can see the sweats on Helga’s face running through her cheek. Her eyes look pleasured. I remembered, her eyes was blue, now it was black as charcoal.
“Checkmate bully,” I started.” now, the glasses”
I won and retrieved Rhima’s glasses. I can’t still take off my stare to Helga as if she’s just not her. Something was different. Then I watch her walk her way out. I glanced my clock, the bus should be taking us now but it seem that the time has stop или may be it runs really slow. I glanced up the sky and its very suspicious as if were just on a two минуты of a game. I try to see one еще sigh but I caught a pair of green eyes approaching—Althesia.

I felt suddenly tensed. I could not stare on her in a minute. I knew I got this strong strange feeling over her. I just don’t know if it’s positive of negative.
“Can I challenge Ты in a game?” Althesia started, “well, that is if you’re not afraid of loosing.”
“Loosing?” I smirked. “You probably don’t know who I am. The deal depends on your bet, for me I’ll bet my golden coin.”
“Fine” she answered. I’ll bet with this.” She withdraw a cheap ballpoint pen on the pocket of her jacket.
“You got to be kidding me? A Золото for a cheap pen?” I said.” How about a kiss?
I forgot that were not alone in the room. I just hope that my face was not as red as hers .
“I rather place our own house for bet.” She answered.
“You can’t do that. I want something for sure. Maybe you’re not confident of winning that’s why Ты can’t even place a Kiss for a bet.” I challenge her
“That’s not true!” She shouted. “Fine! A Kiss for a bet, for sure Ты will stand a no chance.”
She looks at me as if she was trying to figure out the one hundredth way of defeating me.