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posted by HecateA
Perseus Jackson.

Son of Poseidon.

Bearer of the curse of Achilles.

Child of the prophecy.

He had trouble everywhere he went. Bullies, annoying redheads,blood-thirsty cannibals, the usual. The prophecy is over, but the boy's still a demigod, he's still training at camp Half-Blod and heck, he's still Percy.

Talk that Percy will pass behind the veil, kick the bucket, push up daisies, или whatever Ты want to call it is going around on this Фан pcik of this spot:

Do Ты think Percy Is going to die in one of the five Книги sense he isn't the main character anymore?

Most think that Rick wouldn't have...
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posted by goddessoflife
Okay,as Ты know, (or maybe not) Immortal Ссылки just finished. I'll post a link at the bottom so Ты can check it out.
Now, since there's a nice amount of time in between Immortal Ссылки and The Остаться в живых Hero, I'm making three еще Percy Jackson and the Olympians Фан fictions. My newest one, The Moon Prophecy, was going to be on fanfiction.net. Well, it's accually on wattpad. I was going to do it on fanfiction.net, but it was a lot еще complicated than wattpad. But, I might do my Далее one on fanfiction.net.
Now, The Moon Prophecy stars a girl named Kelsee, who is thirteen and just discovered she's...
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We sat in the big house, telling Chiron everything. "After that, something happened," I said, then I looked at Percy. He had been the one to notice it in the first place.
"When we were just outside the camp, Eos's sighn appeared above Emma's head," Percy looked at Chiron, "It just doesn't make-"
"Percy, it perfectly well does. Aphrodite informed me that it was just a ploy. I'm not sure why, but it was."
We all stared at Chiron for what seemed like forever. Eventually, I said, "So I'm a daughter of Eos."
Chiron nodded, "Yes, Emma, Ты are."
Well, I had always thought that my godly...
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Today I was accepted into Half-Blood University. Now do not get me wrong, I am excited to go but I just hope all of my Друзья were accepted also, especially my girlfriend, Piper Mclean. Saving the world many times should come up to something for us. Percy out of all people should get in because he could have been a god if he wanted to. Ok anyways I was in. I get off the bus that had just arrived at the университет in New York. Once I stepped off the bus I was shocked to see how big this place was. Half bloods all alike came out of now where. Some fauns and satyrs were there and even...
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HERE IS MY POINT-I THINK LEO IS GOING TO DIE! THERE! I сказал(-а) IT( I just killed my self doing so but) I сказал(-а) IT!

sorry for making this so short but this all i could think of so far..

here is my proof-


Gaia сказал(-а) that she would get her revenge-
i know this doesn't count as much as she сказал(-а) that to everyone but she thinks that he is the one to die first. She has been plotting his death for much longer. what if this is because she knows that he is also the one to stop HER?! That...
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posted by icuSTALKER
Hello one and all. Yes, this is icuSTALKER, here to address a few Вопросы on the one character everyone hates: Jason.

Before Ты decide to press the ‘exit’ button and go back to your meebo conversation, I’ve got a few things to say. I ranted about this very same thing on Meef’s question: Does anyone like Jason?
Then when I was done with my rant and had Опубликовано it, I realized it was two pages long. So I settled for an Статья instead.


Good. Sit tight.

I am hearing Jason being called these things: a Percy wanna-be, prideful, selfish, mean, arrogant, a jerk, a coward, and a cheap copy...
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posted by abrown7297
Jason 1
Jason was nervous before he even got off the boat. He knew that Leo, Piper, and
Annabeth were nervous, especially Annabeth. Jason wondered how Annabeth lasted 8
months of separation from her boyfriend. Jason wondered what Reyna was feeling
as she saw the Greek trireme fly towards New Rome. He knew that Juno was holding
back some of his еще dangerous memories in fear of her plan collapsing, but he
remembered most of life now. Jason looked over at Leo and Piper. He sympathized
them both for not having anything to worry about on this trip. Leo was casually
steering the boat, with his "Supreme...
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posted by Emily_is_COOl
Hi, I don't mean to be pushy but...

"Hey! If Ты liked the Остаться в живых Hero and can't wait for The Son of Neptune Присоединиться this club!! (www.fanpop.com/spots/the-son-of-neptune-book/picks/res...une)
It's great for forums, quizzes, questions, Фан picks and everything about SoN!!!
PASS it on, we can make this club grow...
(Not SPAM, just a helpful note to a have a COOL, NEW club)
Please do so!!!!
*At Least Check it Out*"

I really want Ты to check it out so together we can try really hard to figure out and write about Son of Neptune... Please spread the word или click the link to check it out... I deserve that much, don't I???
Don't I? :(

So, PLEASE, check it out for me? Ты don't have to be a fan, I PROMISE I will try the hardest to maintain the club! Thanks for listening anyway!!!
posted by olympianglory

Woah, he thought as soon as he landed Festus, that is one hotty. he jumped off and сказал(-а) ''Hey baby,your as hot as fire.'' That was the point he got slapped by two hots which for him, was a first,and also painful. The first girl was the new hottie, the секунда was Calypso,''Stop that Valdez или I'll go back to Ogygia.'' '' Ok Ok Lolly Lady!'' Calypso frowned ''Since when was I called Lolly Lady?''Leo grinned,''Hey Owl Face!'' '' Ты do not call me Owl Face, muttered Annabeth. If Ты do that one еще time I will slap Ты back to the Golden Age.'' '' Ok Owl Face!'' He grinned, see Ты guys later, im gonna talk to
Chiron about starting to grow Fonzies.'' Piper looked confused '' Leo, can Ты even grow Fonzies?''
''We'll have to wait and see Beauty Queen.''
posted by Persassy123
The end had come. Gaea Had fallen asleep and the Giant war had ended. Now i just wonder what i am going to do with myself. Well i could become a camp Counselor but i wanted something else something еще so i walked over to my future and asked her to marry me.
All the Друзья who had lived had come to celebrate me and Annebeth's Wedding. It was an Amazing event it had also happened two years after i had asked. We had everything planned and lots to do. We had gotten a house close to the beach. We also wanted to have kids right away. we had not decided what their names would be yet but if ever were something to happen to me in the future they will know my name and what i have done. I am Percy Jackson.
posted by minervadawn
So if any of Ты have ever been over to the Дисней princess site and stopped by their articals section Ты might have noticed all the "my Дисней princesses" lists. So I thought that since we have our own "heros" lineup over here that I'd take a leaf from their book and make a my seven Список telling Ты all which are my favourites and why.

7. Jason
I do like Jason. I like that his life parallels Percy's and would Любовь to hear еще about what he and the Romans did to defeat the Titans. I also really want to see him and Percy faceoff so we can settle this who's stronger business one and for...
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posted by Aphrodite100

My name is Octavian. I'm eighteen, and I'm Camp Jupiter's augur. Which means I cut up useless teddy bears and read the will of the gods.
I'm scrawny and pale; and a descendant of Apollo.

I sighed as I walked into Jupiter's Temple, ready to murder the teddy bears that must have nightmares about me. или so the rumors say.

I grumbled, not in a very good mood as I grabbed some Болталка розовый teddy bear. Ты see, I don't just read the messages from the Roman gods in the stuffing of innocent bears; they talk to me. And I am not going crazy. Almost all the augurs have that kinda power.
Anyway, just...
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Tomorrow is April fools day.... Connor and Travis's Избранное день of the year. And this is the first год they are spending April fools день at Camp in 2 years. This is also Percy's first April fools день with the Strolls around. Everyone else at camp knows its bad to be at camp on April fools день with the Strolls around. No matter who warned Percy about the Strolls, he didn't believe they are that good at April fools day! So he just ignored it and went on with his normal activity's.

Tomorrow is April 1st, and Connor and Travis have something big planned out for Percy.

Aphrodite кабина told Percy...
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posted by Blaze_of_Ares
This Family дерево is a "tree" Показ families that are related to the Olympian gods and the Olympian demigods after World War I или the First Titanomachy. The start of the family began with the earth goddess, Gaea, Ouranos или Uranus, and/or Tartarus.


Immortals | Father | Mother | Title
Ouranos | None | Gaea | Primordial god of the Sky and Heavens
Gaea     | Chaos | N/A | Primordial Goddess of the Earth
Oceanus | Ouranos | Gaea | Titan God of the Ocean
Coeus     | Ouranos | Gaea | Titan God of the North and Intellect
Krios     | Ouranos...
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posted by Perseus54321
I was Чтение the Maximum Ride Книги again and Fang's blog made me think of Nico as I think they are similar characters. So I came up with 'Nico's Blog'. Please Отправить Вопросы to answer.
Disclaimer:I'm a fourteen year-old sophomore, do I really look like Rick Riordan?

Nico's blog: день one
Hello all Ты people that happen to be surfing the internet или have heard about this and have no lives of your own! This is Nico di Angelo's (yes, the very hot, funny, dark, good-looking, charming, hot, intelligent, witty, hot and muscular, did I mention I'm hot?) blog, coming live (as much as a computer can...
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Okay, so this isn’t going to be a long, full of theories article. It's just going to be short, sweet, and honestly, kind of stupid. It’s mainly just for discussion of a little bit of information…Hazel, Hazel, Hazel…

Name: Hazel Levesque
Gender: Female
Eyes: Golden, like 14 karats
Hair: It’s long, curly and brown and I keep it glossy with жасмин shampoo.

Hometown: New Orleans but I moved to Alaska on my thirteenth birthday.
Loves: Riding horses, art, and the sun since I spent so long without it in Alaska. And I’m also pretty talented when it comes to manipulating dirt…
Favourite comfort...
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I was checking out myth and Mystery (Rick Riordans official website and read about olimpians week this is what its about:

Its a seven-day, coast-to-coast celebration of Rick Riordan and The Герои Of Olympus series.

Each день is named after a cabin. Hades (monday), Athena (tuesday), Ares (wendesday), Aphrodite (thursday, Hephaestus (friday), Poseidon (saturday),(and of course) Zeus (sunday)

Stay with me here comes the theory. Im not 100 hundred percen sure its right but it's a possibility.

Zeus (Jupiter)=Jason

anyone see where im going??? for those of you...
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posted by SeaweedBrain101
this isn't exactly an Статья but i couldn't think of anywhere else 2 put it. hope it's at least a little bit funny (i suck at Письмо humour) it's short so don't worry, just read it if Ты want and tell me what Ты think:

Dyslexia (created by me)

Percy- “Uuuummm… Эй, Annabeth?”
Annabeth- “Yeah Percy?”
Percy- “How do Ты spell meet?”
Annabeth- “M.e.e.t. why do Ты want to know?”
Percy- “I’m Письмо a note to someone. How do Ты spell me?”
Annabeth- “M.e. but I still don’t get why-”
Percy- “What about by?”
Annabeth- *sigh* “B.y. but who are Ты writing-”
Percy- “The?”...
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Эй, guys, i was just wondering, judging by this prologue, would read my fanfic if i wrote one? now, im not saying that i'll actually be Письмо one, cuz i have a really busy summer, but i just want your opinion of it. like, is it any good? I would HIGHLY appreciate constructive critiscim. i want Ты to nit-pick. Spelling mistakes, grammar, choppy или awkward sentences, run-on sentences, being too descriptive, out-of-character thoughts или actions, stupid/weak ideas, anything! just be polite about it :)
PS: i know, its a bit long for a prologue, but i couldnt help myself!

And voila! Here it is:

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personally think the Gigantes are not the true threat The basis for my Theory is that the Gigantes aren't even mentioned in the prophecy but the doors of death are and the fact they are mentioned so little in the Остаться в живых hero is highly suspicious too me.

Another bit of evidence id like too point out is that Gaea is also not the only one of her kind also Known as the protogenoi (The Primordial gods who are the Cosmos itself)

For example Tartaros was the protogenoi of the great stormy Tartarean pit that lay beneath the earth as protogenoi of the Pit Tartaros, a figure who unlike his age-mates Gaea...
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