Герои Олимпа Unity Series: Book One: The Weavers of Fate (A Герои of Olympus Sequel)

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Hey all! This is StikLover2 reporting in! Who here has seen Blood of Olympus? I have! I liked it, but the lack of Percy and Annabeth chapters worried me greatly. Overall, the book was AWESOME, as Uncle Rick could make it ;D. Anyway, I know we are all upset over the end of Percy Jackson... But that's why I'm here! I want to continue the Heroes of Olympus Saga in my own way! I have plenty of time on my hands, and plan to create many series continuing the adventures of the Seven. This will be following canon, since I wish this to be a continuity. With dozens more primordials and enemies for the Seven to face, there's plenty for me to write about!

Disclaimer: Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus belongs to Rick Riordian... (Do we really have to say this in every chapter?)

Now, without further ado, the story of the Seven, plus friends! I thought you all were quite deprived from a lack of Percy/Annabeth chapters, so without further ado...

I: Annabeth

Annabeth really hated books, which was new, considering she was supposed to be the all-wise daughter of Athena. But no, that spider just HAD to jump out of that book she was reading over the works of Sophocles, giving her a heart attack. With a shriek, she swatted the spider with the book. The satisfying 'skhhh' of spider grease did little to calm her nerves. Annabeth always did like books though, it gave her an escape to a world, previously unknown. Just the thought made her smile.

It was a warm day in New Athens, and she was curled up in the villa she shared with Percy. They were planning to move to New Rome next week, after Percy had finished up loose ends here in New York. It had been two years since the defeat of Gaea, and demigods Roman and Greek alike were enjoying life. Well, besides the usual apocalyptic ending of the world, things were going pretty well.

Annabeth's mind wandered back to her boyfriend, that handsome son of Poseidon... Well, now fiance to be exact. And now the most important person in Annabeth's life. Oh Percy... She and Percy had come so far, from the depths of the underworld, to the defeat of the Earth Mother, Gaea, two years prior. Now, they were living in New Athens, capital of the modern Greek world. New Athens was beautiful, with various lush, green gardens and colorful decorations dotting the landscape.

From the window, Annabeth could see various streets, including the newly erected Temple Street, which was in charge of Jason, of course. Their pontifex maximus was always busy working with the various architects and builders to erect more temples to various gods and goddesses in both camps. Power to the people! Or totally eternal immortals, whichever worked better.

Temple Street was decorated with so many different designs, each corresponding to a specific god or goddess. Moros, Oizys, that Kym girl, you name it. Gilded shrines all overlapped each other in harmony and peace. Apparently all these shrines made the gods happy, after all, they still haven't tried to incinerate anyone in months really. Well, except for that time in Rio, but whatever. Jason was soooooooo busy these days, doing stuff and whatever.

Considering angry immortals were complaining to him often, Annabeth thought he was doing his job pretty well. He always did have time for Piper though, and it was a surprise he still hadn't gotten the nerve to propose to her yet. It was obvious they loved each other, and that just had to make Annabeth smile. At least it wasn't so bad in public, Capture the Flag was where it started getting annoying.

The Seven had always been close, more so after the loss of Leo. "Leo..." Annabeth thought. The hero who sacrificed himself to defeat Gaea, ensuring a future for the world. That aside, both camps were enjoying a prosperity of peace following Gaea's defeat, with more demigods and legacies joining every day. Camp Half-Blood had expanded as well to meet all the new accommodations, and peace reigned upon all the land. Man, she was reading WAY too many literacy works these days.

But enough was never enough for Annabeth, she was a daughter of Athena after all! Her publishing business on the side was turning out a surprisingly large amount of drachmas. Who knew demigods loved to write? True enough it was weird, but still nice. Athenian Architecture INC. was taking off, with Annabeth at the helm. Well, not literally on the helm of a-, well, whatever.

Annabeth's mind wandered to other places. With a shudder, she reflected on the horrible experiences she had in the era of the Giant War. Visions of Percy's mutilated, broken corpse, rushed through her mind. Burn, pain, death, all echoed through her conscious. With a shudder, she barely stifled a shriek. Tartarus had changed her, as well as Percy. The memories of the burning pit, as well as Bob and Damasen, hit her like a brick. It was hard for her to fight these dying nightmares, but thankfully she had the consolation that they didn't exist... Right?

It was basically like an eidolon or something, always behind you, whispering and watching. Annabeth jumped off the couch, and walked into the kitchen. The whole thing was messy, all thanks to that intense party last night. Stifling a groan, Annabeth knew she was going to have to clean it all. Eh, maybe later.

Picking up a rag, Annabeth attempted cleaning up the countertop, and failing especially at that. Who said cleaning wasn't her forte? The granite countertops shuddered under the wet rag, with a "sh sh" sound. Groaning, Annabeth clutched her head. The memories of that place still hadn't left Annabeth's mind, rushing through her like the course of a stream. Dang, being around her fiance was giving her one water pun too many. That place had caused her many sleepless nights, but having Percy there did help.

Annabeth loved him with all her heart, he was her only window to retain her sanity in this world. She was willing to die for Percy. Although she was pretty sure that already happened a few times. The poison knife, empousai, Kerkopes, you name it really. Ah, the things you do for true love. Sure, these things are screwy, but still worth it.

Chucking the rag over the counter, Annabeth decided to hop outside. Visiting the Athena Parthenos didn't seem like a bad idea at the moment. With a yawn, Annabeth stretched and walked out of the door of her humble adobe. It had been designed by her of course, along with nearly every building in New Athens. Buildings to last forever! Something permanent, as she had always dreamed.

With a quick tap on her door, emboldened with a trident and owl entwined together, Annabeth set off. She was hoping to meet Percy at the acropolis after his sword lessons. Even though he wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed, she had to agree, he was certainly awesome when it came to combat instruction. Yes, Annabeth knew she said awesome, but whatever. It was too nice of a day anyway, the least she could do is take a break from all that braininess.

The bright sun hit her, blinding her eyes. The city of New Athens greeted her, the birds were flying and the nymphs were singing. Annabeth was thankful she didn't have to encounter man-eating birds yet again. That experience was one time too many. The smell of various bakeries and flower shops wafted down her nose. There was so much peace, the demigods strolling down the various alleys and roadways looked SO happy. Annabeth really wished it could stay like this forever.

Double-checking that her hair was tightly wrapped in a bun, she started jogging at a brisk pace down Olivian Avenue, with carefree thoughts in her mind. Stretching across the horizon was the shrine of the Athena Parthenos, restored back to its rightful place. Especially after Reyna returned with it, it was partying up an whole street by itself. Not to mention it was well-guarded with several phalanxes of demigods rotating on shifts. Sure, it might be overkill, but you can never be too safe!

Athena Parthenos shined with all its glory as Annabeth walked up the steps of the shrine. It wasn't too far from her house, only maybe a block or so. Gilded columns racked the one-hundred feet long structure, with steps gliding up to the statue itself. It glowed bright golden, with whispering voices protruding from it. Annabeth felt a swell of pride, it better have been worth it since she plunged into Tartarus for that statue. The dark god was torturous, trying to break her mind.

What was even worse was his promise of revenge, whispering cries of vengeance. Percy wasn't far off from that, considering they actually had to get counseling or something. Sure, it was kind of cheesy, but hey, it helped. Sometimes, Annabeth would hear her mother's voice coming from the Parthenos, reassuring her. Well, sure she lived on top of a giant building not far away, but still.

Even on the blackest nights, the statue glowed with hope and promise for a better future. That's what Reyna supposedly said when Annabeth spoke to her last week. Their newly-finished villa in New Rome was rocking pretty sweet. Apparently one year wasn't enough for Percy to finish up here in New York. Guaranteed most of the time was spent visiting Sally. Okay, a lot of the time.

Senior year wasn't too bad really, your usual annoying mortals, but nothing a few punches to the face couldn't solve. The statue seemed to glow with a snort, most probably patting Annabeth on the back if it could. Or Athena could take control of it, who knew? Shrugging it off, Annabeth backed out of the shrine, back into the streets of New Athens. Eh, she would go wherever she needed to go. Basically, random stuff and all. Whistling to herself, Annabeth turned her wandering mind to some complex math equations she was meaning to solve.

Unfortunately, that wandering mind failed to notice an impending collision. "Wam!" Annabeth collided into the side of Piper, who coincidentally happened to be jogging across the pavement as well. "Annabeth!" exclaimed Piper. "Percy, h-he, need-needs you!" Annabeth felt compelled to obey, showing that Piper was worried, considering her charmspeak really didn't come out all that much these days.

"Calm down Pipes, I was just going over to see him!" stated Annabeth. In her mind, Annabeth was worried about what could possibly be going on. Commotions were rare in New Athens these days, since doomsday has occurred more times than anyone else could care to count. But hey, everyone needs some spice in their life. Her stormy, gray eyes just turned a shade darker. Ah, the joys of being an all-powerful demigod, it's a no-brainer.

With a rush, she and Piper ran down to the acropolis, swerving in and out of countless vendors, ignoring the curses of mixed Greek and Roman dialect. They could hear rising voices coming from the acropolis on the horizon. Annabeth had designed New Athens to incorporate much of what lay in the original Athens. It did help they conveniently happened to stay there during their "World is Ending" themed vacation. But hey, demigods can't be beggars.

Annabeth noticed several phalanxes of Greek demigods assembling in formation, also rushing toward the acropolis. To say in general, everyone was panicking. What could possibly make hundreds of well armed Greeks start running around like crazy demons? "Back up!" yelled one of the vendors, hightailing his cart out of there like a cyclops chasing after fresh demigod meat.

Annabeth was not expecting what lay before her as she and Piper entered the acropolis. Its marbled columns stretched high in the air, and it's whitewashed floors was subject to a rampage. Since the acropolis was typically a highly defended area in the ancient Greek world, the citizens of New Athens opted to have it's self-defense classes there.

A mixture of symbols and training weapons littered the various racks and shelves scattered around. The Greek phalanxes were alert, standing guard at the various turrets, windows, and just about every opening possible. Again, overkill! Basically, Annabeth thought they were just there to show off sometimes. A huge crowd of demigods and legacies in battle armor was surrounding a boy Annabeth recognized as a son of Eros in the middle of the acropolis. What was his name again? Na- something.

The odd thing though, was this demigod was motionless, staring with an unblinking gaze at the sky. The really odd thing was he was shaking, like a coma patient doing the conga. Annabeth recognized her fiance and several daughters of Apollo surrounding the lone son of Eros, turned into a mentally deranged Mexican siesta. The children of Apollo quickly rushed the demigod out of the acropolis, as a uneasy crowd watched on.

Instantly, Annabeth's mind turned to every possible explanation of what could be occurring here. Poison? Knife? Arson? It was practically impossible to sneak something like that in an area as well guarded as, well, here. Annabeth had a feeling she was going to need to brush up on her CSI and Castle. Sure, assault cases weren't her forte, but hey, with practice comes experience! That, and the credit hours she was sure she would be earning.

"Percy! What in the name of Olympus is going on?" shouted Annabeth. "I don't know Annabeth, one second he was doing sword exercises with several kids from Nike! The next, he drops dead and starts shaking around like a demented Mexican!" Even Annabeth had to smirk, Percy always did add some humor to the worst of situations. "Alright! Class dismissed! Everyone go home!" bellowed Percy. With a grumble, the crowd dispersed from the training grounds.

A look of fear passed a lot of them, and Annabeth could feel the sentiment. She swore she would wring the neck of whoever the living Mother Rhea was doing this. But then again, the children of love were really annoying, but probably not the best thing to say right now to a flopping demigod that Annabeth didn't even know. Annabeth walked up to Percy and wrapped her arms around his taunt, lean frame.

"Urgh, what now Seaweed Brain?" grumbled Annabeth. Percy frowned, then a smile appeared on his face. "Well, we could see Mom!" smirked Percy. "Seaweed Brain!" Annabeth playfully slapped Percy's arm, but not without a smirk as well. "Owww, that hurt!" whined Percy, unleashing his baby-seal eyes. "We saw her yesterday, and the Monday before that," growled Annabeth. "There's no time like the present!" said Percy, pumping his fist.

Annabeth stared in his sea-green, puppy eyes. Three years of being together, and the guy was still oblivious! Her will weakened, and she smashed her lips onto Percy's with no warning. Surprised, he deepened the kiss, gripping her hair with his hands. Annabeth felt bliss, she could do this for hours! What Annabeth didn't notice was the shadows slowly crawling toward them though...

Well, I hope you guys liked! Next chapter coming soon!

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