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posted by PhineasFangirl
Life can be depressing. Hurtful. It can make Ты want to give up, when Ты don't even have enough energy to do that. That's what happened to me. Hi, I'm Arain, but Ты can call me Rai. I used to have a, what Ты could say, "comfortable" life. Sleeping in, having a warm, soft постель, кровати and perfectly nice owners that would obey your every order. They used to play wonderful...what was it called? Oh, yes, that's right; music. The best thing I liked was at night when my owners would sit together on the couch, and I would Присоединиться the couple by curling between their laps, purring and falling asleep. But now...the...
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posted by PhineasFangirl
Leah walked confidentially into camp, proudly holding a plump скворец in her jaws. Trotting it over to the fresh-kill pile, she dropped it and stared coldly at the pathetic heap of food. Groaning, she decided that she would go back out and catch something else.
Glancing over to the warrior's den, she saw Isabella walk out with a yawn. The two had bonded a good friendship as apprentices, but not as strongly as Frost and herself. "Issy!" she called, bounding over to the black she-cat. "Come hunting with me?"
Isabella perked up, smiling. "Sure, I've got nothing else to do around here, and I could...
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added by PhineasFangirl
Source: Ты see the blond cat there, instead of Ashley, I will call her Arain