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posted by bendaimmortal
I think everyone who has seen "The Lion King" and "The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride" Фильмы can agree that "The Lion Guard" doesn't do
a very good job with fitting in there. I have only seen all of "The Return of the Roar" and several clips from some other episodes. But that's enough to conclude that this TV Показать fails miserably as a Lion King series. I'm sure the majority of my fellow Millenials from this fanbase agree with me, but I know there are Lion King Фаны who nonetheless enjoy and Любовь this new series. Фаны who don't think it sucks. Good for you, guys, if Ты can find something to enjoy...
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Queen of the Jungle

Chapter 1 – The Huntress

    For decades, the topic of Lion vs. Tiger has been highly debated, with people taking one side или being neutral. People have considered them to be natural rivals. A jungle in an unspecified location, in the Анимация world, was about to test that theory…

    “Mother. Why have Ты brought me here to this jungle?” asked Kiara, as her and Nala entered the jungle. “I’ve told Ты several times, Kiara.” Nala replied, “I’ve brought Ты here to improve your hunting skills. A jungle is the perfect...
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Ok, when I found out that Kiara is a cub in The Lion Guard I didn't like it. Don't get me wrong. I am trying to make myself get used to the idea that Kion is a cub, not to mention the same age as Kiara according to what Дисней just said. Yes, he is the секунда born but maybe he was from the same litter (making kiara and kion twins). So yeah.. he was born after Kiara and as it turns out he is the same age as her (not a big Фан of that either).
By the way yes he is the секунда born because -for the last time- there is no Kopa! :P
However! It makes scenes from the секунда movie not make any sense!...
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Let's start with the fact how Kopa was never and is not canon nor a movie character at all: link.

But some people think that the еще believers Kopa has the еще real he'll become. As in that if many enough believe in him as canon regardless of Дисней saying he's not, Дисней would make him into what those believers want him to be.

Well, Kopa believers: If I were you, I wouldn't hold my breath. And here's why.

The Книги and Kopa are outsider written and look what happened: Дисней approved him for profit and childrens' entertainment in Книги known only in USA and did not even refer to him in the...
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posted by KingSimba4Ever9
I mean no affiance to those who Любовь the lion king 2. And please don't leave any nasty comments, thank you.

First off, the animation.
The Анимация in the lion king 2 is totally horrible. Simba is darker (And somewhere in the movie his eyes are actualy blue!) , Nala is to bright and her eyes are to blue, Timon is dark and Pumba is dark and looks disgusting. The only charicters that looked like they did in the first movie were Scar and Mufasa. The wildebeests in the nightmare scene looked like wolves! I actually think that that the animators took еще time and work in drawing the new characters...
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posted by HoltNLucy4Ever
“The Lion King” is about a young prince named Simba who goes from a cub whose father was murdered to an adult who takes his place in The круг of Life.
    Simba (Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Matthew Broderick) is the son of King Mufasa (James Earl Jones) and Queen Sarabi (Madge Sinclair) whose birth means his uncle Scar (Jeremy Irons) is секунда in line to the трон after him. Scar’s three henchmen are Shenzi (Whoopi Goldberg), Banzai (Cheech Marin), and Ed (Jim Cummings). After Mufasa saves Simba from their plot, Scar decides to murder both of them so he can become king....
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posted by boytoy_84
 Simba, Pumbaa na Timoni katika swahili
Simba, Pumbaa na Timoni katika swahili
Here is 20 different languages to say "The Lion King":

Spanish El Rey León

French Le Roi Lion

German Der König Der Löwen

Italian Il Re Leone

Greek Ο Βασιλιας Των Λιονταριων

Swahili Mfalme Simba

Thai ราชาสิงโต

Chinese 獅子王

Japanese ライオンキング

Irish An Rí Lion

Korean 라이온 킹

Dutch De Leeuwenkoning

Russian Король Лев

Hindi शेर राजा

Norwegian Løvenes Konge

Indonesian Raja Singa

Polish Król Lew

Maltese Ir-Re Lion

Czech Lví Král

Vietnamese Vua Sư Tử
 Sarabi pierde Mufasa en español
Sarabi pierde Mufasa en español
posted by tecna535
 Cub Vitani
Cub Vitani
Vitani has light tan-colored мех that is slightly tinted orange, electric blue eyes with dark eye shades, and a tuft of hair on her head. As a cub, she was briefly the same size but a little older than Kovu. She has very bright мех compared to most of the Outsiders. As a child, her мех was almost оранжевый in some scenes.
As a young adult, she bears a close resemblance to her mother, Zira, and her hair tuft starts to recede as well as gain dark ear rims. She also has freckles, and is thin and lanky, yet very muscular like all the other Outsiders. Her мех becomes еще yellow and Pridelander-like,...
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posted by KiaraxKovu2317
Vitani:Kiara!!! Ты won't believe who I just saw!!! Kiara:Who? Vitani:I just saw Kopa! He's back! Kiara:What?!!! He is!!! Where is he??!!! Vitani:Down in the gorge. Kiara:Ok!!! Watch Shani for me? Vitani:Sure! Shani:Where is my mommy going??? Vitani:To see her brother. She'll be back! *Kovu walks up with Chensi* Shani:Hey big brother!!! Wanna play??? Chensi:Yeah!!! Kovu:Where's Kiara??? Vitani:KOPA'S BACK!!!!!!!! Kovu:What???!!! Vitani:Yeah!!! *Gasps* I have to
Tell Simba!!! Kovu:Go ahead! Vitani:Thanx!!! *Runs to tell Simba* Vitani:SIMBA KOPA'S BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Simba:What???!!!! *With...
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 They are pretty much up in the air. (LOL)
They are pretty much up in the air. (LOL)
Anyone who has seen Lion Guard knows Tiifu and Zuri. But do we really? There are still so many Вопросы about this pair of lionesses.

Okay, so first up: parentage. One thing I hear a lot is that they are sisters. I do not believe that, but if Ты do, that is fine. As I do not believe they are sisters, I have separate theories for each, so let's start with Tiifu. There is not a lot behind this (yet!), but I think her dad is one of the rebel lions and her mom could be Kula (please tell me in Комментарий if Ты know something about Kula that disproves this - real proof only!)

For Zuri, I...
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After all this waiting I finally saw The Lion King 2019 remake last night and I have to say while it wasn't as amazing или breathtaking as the original, it was still a good remake. For this review I will focus on three things: The parts of this movie I loved, what I was neutral on, and what I hated.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!


The opening was done shot for shot to bring back nostalgia for the Фаны and honestly I did not hate that. The opening chant was even exactly the same! Фаны grew up with the opening from The Lion King, making memes, Пение along, and even hearing the opening song just...
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 The four.
The four.
Hi guys, I just downloaded this movie a few months назад after not seeing it in many years. There are certain things that I dislike that I would like to write it down here, so here we go.

The Story-line

The story was borrowed from another Shakespeare classic, Romeo and Juliet. While I think they kept the Shakespearean tradition going on, I personally felt that they should be еще original towards the story. The movie also left me a number of Без ответа Вопросы that I'm going to voice out.
Worse of all, they never explain how the Outlanders were banish as they were never introduce in the first...
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In pride rock Scar is eating his full leg of a антилопа as he gets flashbacks of him eating with his family или just his mother which Mufasa and his father was the ones to eat together. Scar stops eating and sighs Scar:"(sigh) why must sorrow flashbacks haunt me now" he says to himself not having the appetite to eat anymore. Scar then sneaks to the very вверх of pride rock where the only way up is to take a slanted path behind pride rock, once he got up there he takes a look at the very slowly drying up kingdom then at the grey colorless sky. Scar:" (sigh) mother if your up there watching I hope...
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. Zazu
. Nala
. Both
. Simba, Nala, Chorus

I'm gonna be a mighty king, so enemies beware!

     iI've never seen a king of beasts
    With quite so little hair

I'm gonna be the mane event
Like no king was before
I'm brushing up on looking down
I'm working on my roar

    Thus far a rather uninspiring thing

Oh, I just can't wait to be king!

No one saying do this        
No one saying be there         
No one saying stop that
No one saying see here        ...
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posted by Kiara_thats_it
(Aria enters, impressed at her new duty as leader of the Lion Guard.)
ARIA: Wow. Me. Protecting the Pridelands. It's kinda scary... No. I can do this. So. The Pridelands bravest, fastest, strongest, and keenest of sight. (gasp) I know just who to ask first,
(Aria's sister Zheni enters, having heard the whole thing)
ZHENI: Hang up a minute. I'm future queen, Ты are leading this "Lion Guard" thing, what does that make Konra?
(Aria pauses. Konra, Kiara and Kovu's son, is the future king. But Zheni has always believed she will be queen.)
ARIA: No idea.
ZHENI: Well, I hope he figures it out. (lowers...
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posted by elsafan1010
As always, the internet is swarming with crazy Любовь ideas. And the most ridiculous of them all.. Scar X Nala. Okay, Elsa X Hans или something, that's ridiculous, but this is the most ridiculous. Scar can never have a relationship with Nala.

1- Too old
While Scar was an adult, Nala was still a newborn. As the years go by, Nala is growing up and looks the same age as Scar, but Scar is years older than her! We can say that he is like a grandfather Далее to Nala. Scar had known Nala since she was a baby.

2- Nala has Simba
Okay, let's say Nala ignores this old age detail and falls in Любовь with him, but...
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Kopa got up and shook his body to life. He bounced over to his mum, Nala, and pressed his paw up against her face in an attempt to awaken her. Her eyes fluttered open and she mumbled something under her breath.
"Mum, can I go out to play?" Kopa put on a cheesy grin,"Pu-leeaasee?"
"Your just like your father"
"So is that a yes?"
"Go ahead, but be careful, because if your anything like your father, I'm sure you'll get yourself into lots of mischief!"
Kopa bounded out of the cave opening and strait down into the grassy Savannah. As he was running through the трава he saw a big rock which reminded...
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posted by lionking1993
1. She does not listen to her parents when they tell her that the outlands are dangerous and that she should never go there, however she gets angry when her father doesn't trust her. How will he trust Ты if Ты keep being disobedient?

2. The fact that she knows nothing about self defence and sucks as a fighter (I assume) doesn't stop her from going to the outlands. (I'm talking about the teenager Kiara who "can" think logically). Why would Ты go to a dangerous place when Ты can't protect yourself in the first place? Pretty much everyone can outmatch her.

3. After the ambush, when Simba was...
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First off; Yes, I do realize It was clearly meant as a parody of the first film and not as an actual serious midquel. At the most it was to give a backstory for Timon and Pumbaa's friendship. And yes, I know that some jungle scenes between Timon, Pumbaa and Simba were written by the first film's creators but since we don't know which ones, I wouldn't regard them at all as canon.
And I'm 99% certain that they weren't any of those parenting scenes because they completely and utterly contradict their Слоган "Hakuna Matata" and from the first film it appears their relationship were bachelor friends,...
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posted by hermionicole
Simba, Mufasa, Scar, Nala, Kiara, and all the other characters in the lion king have virtues to teach. They all have some sensible things или emotions to voice out... disseminate. Yes, it is дана that Scar became a sort of a villain but we've got to check his background before we judge him.
Scar was originally named Taka and we will be discovering why later.
Mufasa and Taka always loved each other when they were young but their was one thing that broke their bond: the Название of being king. Taka can never be a king because he was born секунда to Mufasa. Although he tried very hard to outdo his...
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