The Остаться в живых Hero Life of a Half-Blood, Roman Legion, SoN

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Chapter 1:
P.O.V - Reyna Lewis
Narrated by: Reyna Lewis

Side note> the day started out as a "Normal" day. Well, normal for me is training at Half-Blood Academy to get my mind off… Well… Never mind. You see "Half-blood" here means Half-human, Half-god. My dad is Apollo, the god of the sun, prophecy, music, and so on. In this story I'm about to tell you Percy Jackson, Son of Neptune(Or Poseidon) and my crush, Jason Grace, Son of Jupiter(Or Zeus), had their memories wiped and switched into different lives. So now Percy Jackson is here, and Jason Grace is there. Forewarning: This is all TRUE. Don't believe me? You think I'm crazy? Then stop reading and go back to you "Fictional Stories" about Unicorn's and rainbows, because this is real and this is Life as a Half-Blood, Roman Legion.

Place: Training Ground
Who: Dakota Wilson and Reyna Lewis (me)
what: Training harder than ever before

"You've lost your touch Kota!" I said and smiled. "Oh yeah?" He asked and swung at my feet. I jumped and put my double swords to his neck. "Yeah." I said and nodded. I smiled and dropped me swords from his neck. "Wanna run Ag…AHHH!" I yelled. I fell to the ground with Dakota on top of me. "Dakota Wilson!" I scolded. He laughed. "Yes, Reyna Lewis?" He replied. I rolled my eyes. We locked eyes and then he was leaning in. All the sudden Dakota was pulled off me and I was pulled off the ground. "What the hell?" Dakota asked as we turned to face the people who took us off each other. The people were a bright blond haired girl with warm brown eyes and a Black haired boy with fierce gray eyes. "Hazel! Why did you do that?" I demanded. "Well you two looked a little too cozy for my taste." The blond called Hazel said. "Bull! Your mother is the goddess of the Hearth! How can you say that was 'Too Cozy!'?" I said. She laughed and the black haired boy answered next. "Well, for one thing, I had a plan to do that so you can give me credit for that part. The other thing is I have an idea for your guys strategy." He said. "Bobby, you and your damn plans!" Dakota said and smiled. I rolled my eyes. "Fine what is it?" I asked. He showed us then Hazel gasped. We looked at her and looked where she was pointing. A she-wolf and a black haired boy in a tattered orange t-shirt was walking into camp. Everyone looked at them. "Hazel, Bobby, Dakota. I think," I said smirking. "We have a new camper."

Sidenote> I bet your wondering why I was training? Oh shut up Percy! Annabeth restrain you boyfriend! Thanks. I was training 'cause that's what I've been going my who life. And it was to take my mind off… Never mind. But when that black haired boy came in to our camp, for the first time in a week, I felt a surge of Hope.

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