The Man in the Iron Mask Favourite movie quote

Pick one:
The Далее time we meet, one of us will die! [Athos]
Ты have the сердце of a king [Athos]
Lay down your sword...I'll give your Друзья a быстрый, стремительный, свифт execution [Louis]
I never felt pride as a father... until this moment [D'Artagnan]
The King's ordered me to seek out the secret general of the Jesuits & kill him...
I've worn that mask so long I don't feel безопасно, сейф without it [Philippe]
Hell may be our destination, but not this trip [Aramis]
If I don't Kiss you, I'll die anyway [Queen Mother Anne]
Put this man away where no one will hear his insanity. Let him be fed by a deaf-m
I wear the mask. It does not wear me [Philippe]
All for one, One for all! [Musketeers]
I'm going to hang myself, as soon as I'm sober [Porthos]
Ты want me to do the impossible and Ты want me to do it alone? [Athos]
I'm a genius, not an engineer [Aramis]
Nobody has the stomach to fight the captain! [Andre]
If we fail in this - and we probably will - it will be an honor to die beside Ты
 makintosh posted Больше года
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