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 1x04- Ladies in Red
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This The Mentalist screencap contains деловой костюм. There might also be костюм and костюм одежды.

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This is my epilogue. I have to say that if you've been following this fanfiction since the beginning, I am totally grateful! Ты guys are the reason I never gave up on this story. So, here it is. The end!
One год Later
" Jane. Jane! JANE!!!" Lisbon yelled sleepily.
" huh? Teris?" Jane said, half asleep.
" We have to go to work." As Lisbon started to climb out of bed, Jane grabbed her wrist.
" Five еще minutes." Jane whined. Lisbon rolled her eyes but climb back under the covers with him.
" Five minutes." she сказал(-а) sternly.
" I Любовь you." Jane сказал(-а) suddenly.
" I Любовь Ты too...
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