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 1x11- Red John's Друзья
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season 1
red johns Друзья
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This The Mentalist screencap contains деловой костюм. There might also be костюм, костюм одежды, хорошо одетый человек, костюм, брючный костюм, костюм брюки брючный костюм, костюм тройка, and три костюм.

What happens when Ты take Patrick Jane off the Red John case, complete chaos. At least for now we have a silent fury and another episode filled with utter madness.

The Mentalist Season Premiere opened with that exact front and he was quite ready to pack his things up and go Главная before it dawned on him how much his colleagues meant to him, with Lisbon being the вишня on top.

This week's case file was the traditional million dollar rip off where Jane set a web to catch the unknowing culprit. Don't mind that it has been done several times before, but clever Jane seems to put a new spin to it...
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