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the phantom has Raoul against the gate, it's christen's decision. she doesn't answer soon enough, and the phantom eliminates the other choice. oddly, christen is drawn to the phantom, hypnotized by his mind games. Ты see, he didn't kill raoul, he just made him dissapear. christen finally decides, wherever raoul may be, she didn't care at all. she decided that she loved the phantom. together, they made many operas, reopened the opera house, and they grew old and died together. but, it is сказал(-а) that if Ты listen carefully at the now closed down house, Ты can still hear the duet of christen and the phantom, for their work was never finished, now they wait for it to be done.
Cover of "The Phantom of the Opera" sung by Audrey Proulx and Justin Kerekes.
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phantom of the opera
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justin kerekes
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