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"Waterwheel Ты gotta agree with me here!" Zeph went down on his knees in his begging position. I pushed him away.
"Fine whatever" I сказал(-а) walking across the road. Noticing as I turned to look back, Zeph was cheering jumping in the air a happy grin on his face. He raced across the road catching up with me.
"Admit it!"
"Admit what?" I asked as got my phone out to look at the time. Zeph appeared in front of me walking backwards as I looked up.
"You can't resist my good looks huh?" he stroked his black hair with his hand winking at me.
"Are Ты kidding? Your ugly!" I stuck my tongue at him. He spun...
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(Note: This has not been reposted to Удалить Комментарии because of their opinions. It has been reposted because certain commenters are not respecting certain rules I have about bad language in my articles. If those people wish to have their Комментарий on the article, do it without the cussing.)

I’ll start with the Scripted frightening. I myself don’t watch Pewdiepie often, but I do with Tobuscus, and with both I have seen how they react to scares and such, granted еще so with Tobuscus. I can’t speak for Pewdiepie but I think it’s the same.

With games like the Walking Dead, The Last of Us,...
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We continued looking around the weird house.
Yours Truly,

Kate...who is she? Is this her house?
"Everythings a mess, who could live here?"
My father sounded like my mother.
In the living room, the T.V. was leaned up against the Стена behind it, диван, мягкий уголок cushions are all over the floor.
Papers & magazines are everywhere, scattered.
A picture is on the floor, the glass frame is broken.
The Slender must've scared Ты pretty bad, Kate.
I took the picture out of the frame, putting the frame down carefully on the couch.
The picture was in black & white.
The picture was of an adult woman, hugging a little girl.
Was this Kate, & her daughter?
Sol & my father went into different rooms, I stayed, looking at the mysterious picture.

To be continued...
I've been standing at my window, looking at were the faceless man stood, then vanished with a blink of the eye.
Who was this man? This phyco killer?
A knock came to my door. I jumped in fear, and closed the curtains, turning my back on the window.
"Come in!" my voice was shaking.
The door slowly opened; my hands shook in fear.
Then the door was opened all the way, a tall man in a thin black suit, red tie, white shirt, I smiled warmly at him.
I ran into his arms, and he hugged me tightly.
It was my father, not the faceless man who I'd seen outside.
"Hows my gem doin'?" he smiled.
I couldn't...
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