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What Greek или Roman Myths has Rick NOT mentioned?

Rick Riordan has based all the Percy Jackson and Герои of Olympus Книги based on Greek and Roman Myths, so it's hard to know which Myths he's mentioned and which ones he hasn't.

But if we find out some Myths he hasn't added yet we might be able to unlock some clues as to what will be in the son of neptune!!!

if Ты know any myths Rick has NOT mentioned in both the Percy Jackson series and the Герои of Olympus series TELL ME!!!
I've got this book Its real cool!!! I LUV FRANK!
MoonNimbus15612 posted Больше года
 SeaweedBrain101 posted Больше года
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greekgirlA said:
only afew.....
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posted Больше года 
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