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 Stelena Kiss 3x22
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Finally they kissed ;)
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season 3
Елена Гилберт
stefan stelena Kiss
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I lay on my постель, кровати staring at the ceiling. Today had been…“fun”, as Damon had put it, but fun all apart from Stefan’s sudden reappearance at the completely wrong moment. It wasn’t that I wasn’t a little happy to see him again, I was. But the fact that he came back just after Damon and I had had…you know. And the fact that he’d fed on human blood. What had swayed him to the dark side? Lexi? I had to know. But he had gone when he’d begun to tell me what had happened. And who had he killed? It couldn’t have been someone close to me, I would have noticed if they were gone for a...
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