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posted by XxLalasaysxX
So here it is, the final chapter of Futuristic :') I hope Ты enjoy it. If Ты guys want, I'll do a one-shot explaining what happened after the end. Just tell me in the comments. But anyway,

The guards busted down the door and immediately saw Flora in standing in the middle of the room. The Queen stepped through the guards and saw Flora standing in the middle of the room.
“How did Ты get back in here?” She asked. Flora didn’t say a word.
“It doesn’t matter, Ты will be executed immediately this time.” She сказал(-а) while lifting her hand which summoned rings around Flora and lifted her off the ground.
“No.” Flora сказал(-а) while struggling to get out of the rings.
“Don’t fight it Ms.Cedilla.” She сказал(-а) while clenched her hand in a fist making the rings tighter which made Flora groan.
The Queen turned to leave along with the guards. She lead the way with Flora floating right behind. Future Flora jumped onto the ledge Далее to Riven and they clocked them in the head to knock them out.
“I’ll take care of her, Ты just get ready to get her out of here.” Riven whispered before they both quietly got off the ledge. Flora went to Tecna and Musa and Riven tip toed down the hall towards the Queen. He grabbed spear on the ground from one of the guards then aimed and threw it at her careful not to hit Flora. She got hit in the leg and fell. And was distracted and the rings on Flora disappeared. He picked up a sword and ran towards her. And helped Flora up.
“Go get to her. I’ll hold her off, GO!” He yelled then faced the Queen who was trying to get up. Flora quickly ran down the hall back into the room and closed the door behind her. She saw Flora hanging her head out of a vent in the ceiling and hung her hand down.
“C’mon!” She yelled. Flora grabbed her hand and pulled Flora up and into the vent. She put the cover back on вверх of the hole then they started crawling out. Future Flora didn’t know the map of the air condition vents that well which resulted in them having to go backwards in some cases. They eventually made it back into the room where they had entered from out of the sewer. There was still fortunately no one in there. She went behind the книжный шкаф and lifted the door and had them crawl down the ladder.
Once at the bottom they all took a минута to catch their breath.
“Well that was interesting.” She said.
“Agreed.” Tecna said.
“Flora are Ты okay?” Musa asked.
“Peachy.” Flora said.
“Everyone still have all their belongings? Don’t think I’ll be able to do this a third time.” Future Flora asked them. They all checked their pockets.
“Then let’s g-” She stopped when she heard something echo through the sewers walls. It sounded like hissing. A lot of it too. She looked in the direction of the hissing and out from around the corner came a pack of big beetles. The same beetles that were in the basement.
“No.” Tecna said.
“What are they?” Present Flora asked.
“No time, transform and come on!” She сказал(-а) while getting out her bow and an Стрела just in case. The present winx started flying and Future Flora ran out of the cave in front of them to lead the way out being careful whenever she rounded a corner. They one jumped out of know where and smacked Musa down on the ground and was getting ready to spit on her. But Future Flora quickly shot it with the Стрела and helped Musa up. They continued until they got to the right drain and climbed out And quickly closed it. She lead them all the way back to where they had spawned at.
“Well it’s been fun.” She сказал(-а) while taking the bandana off of Flora in case in caused problems when they got back.
“I guess I agree.” Musa said.
“Have a безопасно, сейф trip.”
“Thanks me.” Present Flora сказал(-а) while hugging her. Future Flora laughed while hugging her back. They departed the hug and started chanting the spell. But just as they finished they saw a beetle jump on Future Flora and bite her on her arm multiple times and then they were back at Alfea in the dorm. Not knowing what happened next.
“How’d it go?” Stella asked.
“Are Ты guys okay?” Bloom asked.
No one answered still in aww at what they saw milliseconds before they left.
“I don’t know.” Flora said.
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posted by xXmeemoXxx

Flora rushed up to go surprise Helia with a back hug . But she stopped halfway . What she saw surprised her . Krystal and Helia were HUGGING . Then right before Krystal left , Helia kissed her ! Flora gasped at the shock of her boyfriend cheating on her !
Flora was about to walk over to Helia , when a familiar guy walked past her . She looked at the guy and then looked back at Helia , but he was gone .
Later that день , Flora called Helia many times, but all she got...
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 stella waking up
stella waking up

bloom: stella wake up!
stella: *yawn* bloom? what's the matter?
bloom: let's go shopping!
stella: huh?
bloom: what do Ты mean by "huh"? Ты Любовь shopping!
stella: yeah but it's morning
bloom: so? come on let's go!
stella: ....... ok


bloom: all right now wear your outfit and meet me at the frutti Музыка bar
stella: ok


stella: huh? where's bloom? where's everyone?
everyone: surprise! happy birthday stella!
stella: huh?!
musa: it's your birthday! remember?
stella: what? oh yeah i remember now. wow thank Ты guys!
flora: actually, it's not us that planned the party...
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