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This Клуб Винкс фото contains аниме, комиксы, манга, анимационные фильмы, комикс, мультфильм, and книга комиксов.

First Section:Facts
Hello everyone! As I had promise that I will bring up a monthly magazine here is it’s First issues’s First chapter. This is about Planets from where Bloom, Stella, Musa belongs to. The planets remaining three characters will be decribed in the Далее issue.

First we will look to the Bloom’s planet that is Domino :-
Domino, like most other planets in the Magic Dimension, is a planet run by monarchy. King Oritel, his wife Queen Marion, and his daughters Princess Bloom and Princess Daphne make up the current royal bloodline. No others have been seen или mentioned throughout...
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On the opening день red carpet for the movie cartoon Iginio Straffi, the first generation of three-dimensional, "and soon a third film and theme park just outside of Rome"
ROME - With "Winx Club 3D - Magical Adventure," Iginio Straffi beat all the time: the magician of our own cartoon, creator of the famous fairy, leads in fact goes up the first three-dimensional feature film made in Italy. At least among the last generation. An interesting challenge that begins here, on this first день of the Festival with the screening of the film auditorium, complete with a colorful red carpet.

"It 's been...
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Stella: Tecna?
Musa: but...but... Nabu sid Ты disappeared with Darcy!
*Flora faints and Layla catches her*
Bloom: are Ты ok?!
Tecna: ....
Stella: uhh Tecna?? whats wrong?
Tecna: Nothing... Im fine, I came to get my computer, where is it?
Musa: Umm... with Digit
Tecna: Thank Ты *leaves to her room*
Flora: *wakes up* I..Is She alright?
Layla: Yup.. but then , could Nabu be lying?
Blooms: Who knows
*everyone stares at tecna's room*
Tecna: DIGIT!
Digit: TECNA?!?!
*flies to Tecna and hugs her*
Tecna: uhh.. enough chit-chat, where's my computer?
Digit: over there...
Tecna: thanks, I have to go *grabs computer...
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*Stella in her room*
Stella:Anyway,he always go with girls.I don't now why I'm crying.I mean,isn't thing important!Okay,I gotta work!

*Stella cell*
Stella:Who is it?I really don't seen this number before!
Stella:Im'not gonna answer...
*Winx on first floor*
Musa:The cellphone!
Tecna:She's not gonna answer!
Flora:Let's go up!
*Winx go to the door of the room of Stella on секунда floor*
Bloom:She is not answering.
Layla:Who will be?!
Musa:Maybe Brandon,but she don't talk to him cause it's angry with him!
Bloom:Or no...
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After the news reporter and photographers left, the six girls headed inside, not even wanting to talk about the events of the last few minutes, just about perparing for tonight.
Tecna was the first to speak: "Bloom, look i know i've been incorrect about some of my conclusions in the past, but now its totally important that Ты listen to me: we've already Остаться в живых our co-leader, defender of Gardinia but еще inmportantly, a awesome friend. we dont want to lose anyone else." Everyone looked at her, and she sighed. "Fine then, go follow your heart, i know its important to you, but sometimes it doesn't...
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 Peace out!
Peace out!
(I hope Ты like the part 2.Here we go with part 3!)

*at the other place*
Stella:Huh,now I find a place to hide или better I find a way to get out from this ugly place!
*at the other side*
Ogron:Aha!We catch you!
Flora:Oh,no!Now what we gonna do?!
Layla:To fight,like always.
Bloom:Girls,can Ты fight with wizards while I'm going to find Roxy?
Flora:Of course Bloom,leave it to us!
Musa:Where is Bloom going?!
Flora:To find Roxy.
Tecna:In that case,she may could find Stella.
Layla:Aaaghh,please girls help me to fight the wizards!!
Musa:Ou,you're right!

*Bloom searching Roxy*
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At the library

-Musa was crying for all the hard time she had in the day, when all of a sudden she heard someone wail. She realize it was coming from the библиотека too-

Musa: Flora.... what are Ты doing here and what happend to you?
Flora: I just don't wanna talk about it
Musa: Flora is better if Ты could tell me
Flora: I'm confused
Musa: But why?
Flora: I don't know what to do
Musa: Tell me, did something happend with Ты and Helia? или that guy?
Flora: Both
-Musa look her stunned-
Flora: Tom confesed to me that he likes me and I see him as a good person so I believe him. Then when we went back, I talk...
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