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posted by zanhar1
The snow hit Bloom questionably hard in the face. Was that an ice cube in there? Bloom was beginning to think that the ice witch was starting to take this game way to seriously.

"Icy, you're not supposed to put ice cubes in the snow ball." Bloom informed her.

"Sure Ты are. That's how my brother did it." Icy insisted.

"You and your brother had snowball fights? Ты have a brother?" Bloom asked.

"We were the realm champion snowball fighters. Won six years in a row." Icy boasted as she whipped another snowball in Bloom's face.

"Hey, I wasn't ready!" The fairy shouted.

"You should always be ready...
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 Unleasing the dragon flame
Unleasing the dragon flame
The Winx waited for their enemy to make the first move, Icy blasted Bloom and the attack sent her flying and she crashed to the ground. She winced and thought -since when they did get so powerful?- Then Loki attacked them all with his staff it sent them all flying. Bloom сказал(-а) to the girls "you deal with the Trix and I'll deal with this new comer." The girls nodded and led the Trix away so Bloom could fight Loki. He сказал(-а) calmly "You have guts, if Ты have the power to fight a god. Bloom got angry, she unleashed the dragon flame and attack him, but it had no effect on him like it had on Icy....
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posted by FloraorStella
Hi, guys. I'm sooo sorry I haven't updated my "New Girl". I'm seriously busy these days, but I found time to write one short chapter for you. Enjoy and comment!

The Winx watched the облако Tower headmistress, Griffin, as she walked out of her office.

Stella nodded at the girls. "Now!"

They sprinted inside the облако Tower библиотека and Tecna closed the door as softly as she could. With a swipe of her hand, Tecna got all the Книги of the библиотека piled up in front of the Winx.

Flora turned to Bloom. "One of these Книги hold the past, present, and the future. It's your job to find out which one."

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posted by stellamusa303
IDK what's so cool about Flora! I disliked her character from the start. She tends to have a lot of shyness and caring. She cares too much. I mean, caring about people is awesome, but she cares too much about nature. I get it Flora, Ты are the fairy of nature! But seriously, Flora, Ты have to stop Актёрское искусство like that plant is your life! -__-'

She's the секунда strongest fairy? Really? A strong someone doesn't focus on the powers. I admit, nature is powerful, but to be strong, Ты have to be a little tomboyish–well not that tomboyish, a girl needs to have some feminism–and much еще brave....
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posted by LikeTotally
Today was the день of the Rose,a holiday in the Magic Dimension to celebrate mothers.The Specialists had left Magix to see their moms,all except for Riven.You see,his mom had left him when he was little,and he hasn't seen her ever since.

Riven walked down the paved streets and into the Magix Cafe.He purchased a капучино and sat down in the large green booths.He took a small sip. Delicious.He placed the cup on the таблица and started thinking for a moment.It's the day of the rose and I haven't seen my mom in years.He took another drink of the steaming coffee.She doesn't deserve anything from...
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 Least Избранное
Least Favorite
So I just realized I never Опубликовано this and the Опрос series ended a while назад so sorry for the delay on this one. Also remember this is my opinion and fellow fanpoppers so let's not have any hate или call someone's opinion out just because it's different. thank you. Also the Комментарии I include are those of who voted for the transformation that was eliminated that round.
Round 1: Sophix
Sophix was eliminated in the first round with 47% of the votes. Honestly no surprise here for a lot of fans. Probably because this transformation was used for...
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posted by laylafly
Winx Club In Concert-Heart Of Stone


I've tried to understand you
but youre still a mystery
sometimes I feel your close
sometimes were miles away

I wish I knew the secret
to reach your сердце cause lately
you've got me feeling so alone

One день Ты take me up
and the Далее день Ты would bring me down
stop playing with my feelings
I'm about to lose my mind

Just put your arms around me
why cant Ты say Ты Любовь me?
And I cant take this anymore

I've had enough of rainy days
just say you're sorry its too late
my life has just begun
Ill be okay

That's why I'm walking out the door
who can Любовь a сердце of...
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