Three Days Grace What if?

poisonfang posted on Jun 03, 2008 at 02:09AM
What would you do if one day you opened your front door and saw 3DG standing there?

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Больше года 3DGluver said…
i would probably like just freeze. lol

what would you do if 3DG decided not to make music for a while?(not break up, just no new music for a while. don't want to think about them breaking up)
Больше года iluvtheoffice12 said…
omg i wud frek get my frends ovr and have thm play for us

i wud die i luv thm!!!
Больше года trevarawrusrex said…
I wouldnt Freak
Ive Met Them Like 7 Times
Thanx To My Grandma Being A Music Producer I meet All Kinds Of Bands