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 I Любовь розовый !!
1. Fany’s special habit is cutting her Еда before eating

2. Fany likes to scratch her body in her dorm (who doesn't?)

3. SNSD once left Главная without Tiffany by accident, and Tiffany actually came running after them in tears. (aww)

4. Fany is the youngest among 3 siblings

5. Fany is the least who washes among the 9 members

6. Tiffany is actually the funniest in their dorm.

7. Tiffany’s dad wanted her to study business.. but she cried and made him change his mind with her ‘magic'

8. Fany is obsessed with the color pink.

9. Tiffany, Sunny, and Go Ara (an actress with SM) once went over to Karaoke...
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