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why snow fairy cant пересекать, крест the border, while in the 1st movie they came to pixie dust tree?

i watched Tinkerbell: Secret of The Wing last month.
And today i watch Динь-Динь 1st movie.
i am little confused. in the Secret of The Wing, snow fairy cant пересекать, крест the Border. But why in 1st movie Cera (snow fairy, i know her name in Динь-Динь Остаться в живых Treasure NDS) and minister of winter came to the pixie dust дерево when Динь-Динь looked for her talent?
 Ratieh posted Больше года
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love664661 said:
because movie creators cant remember what logic they put in there movies

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posted Больше года 
lol. :D
sunnyfields posted Больше года
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