Tokyo Ghoul (Токийский гуль) Create Your Own Ghoul Investigator !!

Ryuuikari posted on Dec 02, 2014 at 08:31AM
Exactly the same as the link forum, feel free to create your own CCG Ghoul Investigators !!

The format can be something along these lines:

Ranking: Rank 3 / Rank 2 / Rank 1 / First-Class / Associate Special Class / Special Class
Appearance: (What does your Investigator look like ?)


Ward: (Which Ward are they assigned to ?)
History/Bio: (Does your Investigator have a backstory ?)

(Your Investigator can have up to three quinque if you wish !)
Quinque name:
Quinque type: Ukaku / Koukaku / Rinkaku / Bikaku
Quinque appearance: (What does the quinque look like ?)
Quinque special abilities: (What special abilities or enhancements does the quinque give your investigator ?)
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Больше года Ryuuikari said…
Guess I'll try it myself then ^^

Name: Jaina See-wol
Ranking: First-Class
Age: 27
Birthday: 5th January
Gender: Female
Height: 177cm
Weight: 63kg
Appearance: Jaina has typically Korean features with dull green eyes, magenta coloured hair that is cut short to just above her neck and a long fringe that falls over the right side of her face. She has a slightly above average sized bust with a typical frame and surprisingly defined arms and legs. Jaina also has several piercing in each ear and earlobe, snake bite piercings, a nose stud on her left nostril, a stylish navel piercing and a nape piercing; in addition to her piercings, Jaina has numerous tattoos including a full sleeve covering her right arm, a series of demonic roses and vines on the left side of her torso, the kanji “逆” directly below her nape piercing and the kanji “喰種殺人者” across the fingers on her right hand. While she generally wears formal clothing, Jaina tends to wear formal clothing that is more suitable for fighting more easily in; this can come off to some as lacking in modesty.

Personality: Jaina is a very haughty woman who strongly believes in her own abilities and openly refuses the aid of anyone else until completely necessary. While her seemingly arrogant persona can sometimes seem to cloud her judgement, Jaina is still a very perceptive person especially when it comes to ghoul investigation and elimination. While she has absolutely no qualms killing ghouls, she does find it a lot harder to kill ghouls that are in their adolescence and younger.

Ward: 24th Ward

History/Bio: Unknown at the current time.

Quinque name: Ekima 1/2
Quinque type: Bikaku
Quinque appearance: Ekima 1/2 generally appears as a metal guandao with a stylized blade section and a segmented pole section. Each segment is connected to one another by tough kagune fibres.
Quinque special abilities: Ekima 1/2 has a very high RC value, is surprisingly strong and durable and is able to cleave through kagune metal with ease using its sharp blade. Its segmented pole section can also allow Ekima 1/2 to function like a whip by extending the stretchable kagune fibres that hold each segment together. Jaina sometimes wraps the pole section around her arm and holds the top segment, enabling her to fight as if wielding a blade whilst giving her arm added protection.
Больше года wolfmaster3000 said…
Name: Takashi Ora

Ranking: Special Class

Age: 24

Birthday: 10/3/92

Gender: M

Height: 5'9

Weight: 200LBS

Appearance: pic

Personality: Takashi although young is a very well spoken being only of the age 24 and being a Special Class that goes without saying. He's very intelligent as well as sympathetic although he hates ghouls he doesn't think they all deserve to die. Seeing the good in some of them however killing them as it is a part of a duty he seems to be very Lawful some times even a chaotic good. relying on his intuition. that being said he doesn't let those feelings cloud his judgement. As he is still human he sometimes can let emotions get the better of him. Most of the time he comes off as laid back or too lazy to work. He also is very garouis to those who aid him in investigations. He's also a Confident being and barely ever takes vaction time.

Ward: 13-20th (due to the Investigations of Arigori as such it's always changing)

History/Bio: Takashi Ora was kidnapped by from his parents at the age of 1 by a ghoul known as "Slave" as the name suggests Takashi was raised in horrible conditions fed little to no food just to keep him barely alive most of the time Takashi wasn't sure if it was "human" food he was eating at the age of 10 Takashi managed to gain enough strength and went on something that would be known as the "Ghoul Massacre" with a display of beyond super human Strength Takashi murdered and mutilated all the ghouls that were associated with "Slave" with a piece of a broken Quinque from a deceased investigator. The Famed Investigator Mado barged in just moments after seeing the crazed child. Mado was pleased at the child's strength and placed him in the care of the CCG right away where takashi displayed very quick growth in all subjects. Not only that at the age of 16 Takashi was granted a pardon by the CCG due to his outstanding growth and made into a Rank 3 investigator. During one of his first missions where he and A team of 14 investigators went into the 28th ward to face ghoul that might of been stronger then the ghoul known as Owl at the time. This Ghoul was Known as "Hades The Demon King" As such. All the Ghoul investigators except for Takashi were surprisingly Torn through rather easily . Takashi on the verge of death Managed to use up all the Quinques in the area in not only Injure but kill the might Ghoul. Takashi was promoted the rank of 1st class to due to this. As such for the next 4 years Takasihi did nothing but work and he became a Associate Special class investigator due to his work at stopping many S-SS Ranked ghouls. Takashi now at age 20 was assinged to the on going investigation of the Ghoul known as Binge eater in it's Early stages but was later pulled to pursue a different Case. As such for another four years Takashi once again only emerged himself in his work. And was promoted to the Rank of Special Class investigator due to him catching early stages of the Arigori tree members though the CCG didn't know it yet.


Quinque name: "Blade of Hades"

Quinque type: Koukaku 1/2 1/2 Rinkaku

Quinque appearance: This Quinque has unique appearance when unleashed it has a Very long hilt with a Katana like blade being at the end the blade is 6 feet in length and is about 3 feet in width the hilt is 5 inches longer then normal due to their being another large attachment that is Shaped like a Star. with the flick of a button the tentacles of a Rinkaku type Kagune appear four to be exact each one able to extend about 8 feet out ward because of this feature the Quinque is extremely hard to weild. the blade also has a very strong bond of RC cells making it fit to endure long / drawn out combat.

Quinque special abilities: As the Hilt is extendable to become either a Katana. Nodachi , Spear / Pike or Short Sword Takashi is able to easily Adjust the hilt at a very fast rate adding to the range of shorting the range thus making it hard for opponents to close in on him completely. Naturally the Rinkaku Tentacles are also a strong defense / Offense to this Quinque with Takashi able to Wield them along with the blade this adds striking power to the blade and range. the blade it's self has no real "power" other then that it's stronger then most blades and able to easily slice through steel. Takashi is also able to adjust he Desnity of the RC cells in the blade as such the blade can Aid it's Rinkaku Gaurd by becoming exemely Flimsy and flexable or Can act as Strong Offense in close range combat for Takashi.
 Name: Takashi Ora Ranking: Special Class Age: 24 Birthday: 10/3/92 Gender: M H
Больше года Nightlight12 said…
Name: Mitsuki Nami (New name) real name is Hitori
Rank:Special Class
Weight: 5'6 lbs
Appearance:White Hair,Wears Glasses,Black Coat, Top Hat


Ward: 20th Ward

Bio:he once was a kakuja ghoul. 5 years ago at chirstmas the girl she loved died in the battle between him and the CCG. he bring the body of the girl to the CCG and they offer him to join them or die,He joined them and change his name to mitsuki nami.he carried the girls quinque for his weapon and he work with the CCG from that day on.

Quinque:Yukimura 3/3

Quinque type: Koukaku Kakuja

Quinque Appearance: the same as a normal yukimura

Quinque Abbilities: is stronger and lighter than a normal yukimura

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Больше года Nagate said…
Name: Aragate Nagate
Alias: Blink
Ranking: Associate Special Class
Age: 13
Birthday: August 16th
Gender: Male
Height: 1,65 m
Weight: 56 kg
Appearance: Brown hair, often seen with glasses, one kakugan(as he was a former member of the Quinx squad), green eyes.


Personality: Is a very silent person and does very rarely show emotions. In fact the only time he shows emotions is during a fight. He idolizes Suzuya Juuzou and therefore wishes to surpass him. He is very dedicated to his work when hes on a case, often researching overnight.

Ward: 18th Ward(investigating the Blades group)

History/Bio: As a young child his family was murdered, leaving him and his big brother left. They were taken in by Big Madam and raised by her, his brother died months later. Nagate would later find out that Big Madam had been enjoying spending time with him(castrating, torture etc.). During his time there he would be a "scrapper" and therefore dismembering humans for the ghouls enjoyness. Although during the "Auction" he was freed and accepted in to the CCG, he would be sat into the Quinx squad having a kakuhou transplanted into him. After some time he would be given the rank Associate Special Class.

Kagune: Ukaku
Appearance: His kagune appearance is shaped like scaled dragon wings.

Quinque name: Okimura 2/3
Quinque rank: S+
Quinque type: Koukaku
Quinque appearance: Okimura 2/3 an upgraded version of the Yukimura enhanced with a shield around your hands. Giving it a pirate sword like look.
Quinque special abilities: Often dual wielded to maximize damage output. Used only by Nagate himself. By pressing a button around the hilt it can release an electrical charge.
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Больше года Hexx006 said…
Name: Kousei Takuro
Alias: Fortress
Ranking: First-Class
Age: 19
Birthday: 28/2
Gender: Male
Height: 170cm
Weight: 52kg
Appearance: Kousei has black hair and dark brown eyes. He has an average build and has a scar underneath his left eye. He wears a white coat with dark blue overlaps.

Personality: Kousei is an intelligent person and is open to ideas. He is very silent and can be very protective due to his past experiences. He is hard-working and finds it easy to concentrate. Kousei can be easily angered if reminded of his past.

Ward: 13th Ward

History/Bio: Born in the 1st ward, Kousei was a silent person. He didn't care about anyone and focused on improving himself in academics. At the age of 10, he befriended a kid named Eiji. The two got close but at 13 years of age, Kousei was told that Eiji was killed by a ghoul with the name of Wolf Blade. Kousei was devastated and blamed himself for his friend's death. He built himself up physically and joined the CCG. He never talked much but was very protective. He has saved the lives of many investigators, most of the time by taking the hits. He was given the nickname "Fortress" because of these actions. While walking to his apartment, he caught sight of a ghoul eating and pursued it. The ghoul turned out to be Eiji's killer, Wolf Blade. Filled with rage, Kousei attacked without thinking. Though he fatally wounded him, he sustained many injuries. With Wolf Blade on the ground, Kousei dealt the final blow. Dying, Wolf Blade removed his mask, revealing himself to be Eiji. Eiji apologized for leaving him and said that he had to disappear to stop the CCG from suspecting his family. Eiji soon died in Kousei's arms. After this Kousei ascended 2 ranks and was promoted to First-Class for eliminating an SS-Rated ghoul.

Quinque name: Wolf Blade
Quinque type: Koukaku
Quinque appearance: The Wolf Blade is a straight katana with a curved silver hilt. The blade is black with two sets of orange lines on the blade.
Quinque special abilities: When a button is pressed the hilt extends and a blade comes out the other side. Can also be separated for dual wielding use.

Quinque name: Arata HEX
Quinque type: Koukaku
Quinque appearance: The Arata HEX is a dark grey armour with an orange glow coming out. The armour is mainly composed of hexagonal plates.
Quinque special abilities: The Arata HEX improves the user's physical abilities slightly but increases their defensive capabilities dramatically.
Больше года nachoaverage said…
Name: Shun Shimozuki
Ranking: Associative Special Investigator
Age: 29
Birthday: April 13
Gender: Male
Height: 6'2
Weight: That's for another time
Appearance: Shun has light grey hair and green eyes, he always wears leather jackets even though he's supposed to wear his uniform

Ever since he was forced to kill his brother Watari, he became a psycho the CCG says he's reckless,rude,and careless he doesn't care if any of his teammates die he'll just forget it evened happened.
Ward: 13th
History/Bio: Shun was born in a pretty poor family at first, his mother would always go out and do illegal things just to get them food and water. But one day he found her murdered by a ghoul, the ghoul was about to kill him before First Class Investigator Yu saved his life. Yu took Shun and his brother Watari and raised him as his own. Shun admired Yu for a very long time and he decided to become a Ghoul Investigator as well. Yu got older and decided to quit his job and relax for the rest of his life and Watari left town to go to college. One day while fighting Aogori he saw Watari as a ghoul, he had been murdering his teammates. He couldn't believe it, he didn't want to either but he had no choice other than to fight his brother or get killed and he wasn't letting that happening. Ever since then Shun has become quiet and careless.

Quinque name: Watari
Quinque type: Rinkaku
Quinque appearance: His Quinque lookswo black and red tentacles that are about 50inches
But it's surprisingly light.
Quinque Special Ability: If he puts the metal parts of the Quinque together he can twirl them around making it hard to hit him.
Больше года Kento-Senpai said…
My Ghoul investigator would be.......

NAME: Kento Kaneki
Ranking:Special Class
Birthday:August 31
Weight: 49.3
Apperance: Kento has a Blue and a Red Eye(because he is a natural half - ghoul) with white hair. He always wears a hoodie .
Personality: Lonely, Happy, unpredictable and cares about everyone.
Ward:20th Ward
Personality: He is a half-Ghoul. His Parents are ken Kaneki and touka kirishima his elder sister's name is Ichika kaneki. He joined the CCG in hopes of finding his Elder sister.

Quinque name: Owl
Kagune: Rinkaku
Quinque Type: Ukaku
Quinque appearence: Giant,Black Burning Broad sword
Quinque Special abilities: Shoots Diamond like weapons, shoots lightning, transforms the user into a Monster like the Owl itself.