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**Dedicated to dxcfan**
Bridgette: Oh, hi Courtney! Would Ты like to take a seat?
Courtney: *frowns and sits down on one of the guest couches*
Geoff: This is going to be the best Aftermath ever!!! Ever since Courtney got voted out I've been waiting for this!!!
Bridgette: Um, I don't think this is a good idea....
Geoff: Na, it's fine Brah. She's not gonna explode или anything, right Courtney?
Courtney: *crosses her arms*
Geoff: Uh, okay then. So, Courtney how did Ты feel after Duncan voted Ты off?
Courtney: If I ever see that jerk again I will shred him!
Geoff: Woah, you're pretty mad huh?
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ha this is the song of ep prinsses pride i Любовь this song=)
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