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posted by Fangirl99
Duncans POV

I was in the final 2,i dont think i wouldve mde it THIS far,but,i knewi was gonna going against beth.
the really strange thing is i kinda miss courtney.THough,i was glad she was gone. she was os annoying with her letter.what happenedto her?she was alot еще cool on TDI.
then,when i was gonna go to sleep,i heard a wascourtney.
"duncan,duncan,let me in."
i got up and let her in.
"i wanna talk"
"dont gove me another laeeter."
"i see,i,well,um,am sorry,for,being,sorta nickpicky,and,you dont,ahve to,follow the list.
"and,i wanna get back together with,you"
Trent we need to talk. Oh please don't tell me what I think it is. Its what Ты think it is. I told Ты not to tell me that. Trent you're a great guy I mean that but this isn't working. Is this because I offered to brand myself with a G. Well no... Ok yes but its not just that Ты got you're qworks and I got that but I'm sorry but we're through. But. Trent leave me alone. Trent runs away sobbing. What got into him Gwen. Well Bridgette I had to break up with him. Why? Things were getting hectic. Well that is not you're fault it's Trents hes the one who cheated for you. I know. Bridgette do me...
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Kiyurie *me*: Hello, everyone! I’m your Показать host of ‘What they really thought,’ the new hottest Показать ever! This week, we have Gwen, Trent, and Izzy here with us!
Izzy: Эй, everyone! I’m like, so stoked to be here! There wasn’t anything good on TDA anyway. Except for Owen; that guy is totally like a marshmallow! Soft, cuddly…
Gwen: Yurie! I’m glad to see you!!! *Waves to Kiyurie*
Trent: *Sobbing in the back room* :’(
K: Gwen, tough break-up! What happened? Okay, we couldn’t talk about that now. Let’s welcome our first guest, Izzy!
G: Gee, thanks for asking, Yurie.
K: *Shocked*...
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posted by crazy-yanu
En ese momento Duncan baja del segundo piso con Sunny, y antes le había avisado a Ezequiel lo que había pasado.
Al ver que todos iban hacia Courtney, dijo:- si lo que ustedes están pensando, es despertar a mi princesa, mejor piénselo 2 veces.
Hetder: la necesitamos, con su ayuda podemos librarnos de ir a la isla.
Duncan: si la despiertan, se la verán conmigo, ella necesita este descanso
Eva: nosotros no tenemos la culpa que ella tenga que hacerse cargo de 6 demonios.
Duncan: ¿que dijiste?
Eva: lo que escuchaste, ella esta así porque ustedes son una carga, tanto tu como los 5 demonios.
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(Sorry to everyone for this, but I decided that except for Geoff, Leshawna, and whoever else was voted off, every camper that got voted off in the original series is voted off. Except, Gwen came back.) And… change of teams. As usual, the original teams are the teams for this. It’s too hard to remember.

I was in a weird place that looked exactly like a bank. A studio, I noticed.
“Kiyurie, you’ll have to wear this.” Chris tossed a blonde wig at me.
I smirked at it. “Uh… why?”
“Be-CAUSE,” He started, “You’ll be the bank teller for this challenge. And we don’t want anyone...
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posted by crazy-yanu
Antes de seguir con la historia, se me había olvidado describir a Sunny y Megan.

Sunny tenía tez clara y su pelo era marrón claro y tenía unos grandes ojos cafés y Megan tenia una tez oscura, pelo negro y ojos azules

Todos: ¿que?

Courtney ya había dejado a Sunny en su cuna y cuando escucho la noticia se desmayo.

Duncan corre en su auxilio gritando Honey!! Y los trillizos y Megan al ver a su madre caer desmayada, comenzaron a gritar mama y ha llorar y como esto no fuera poco, con el escándalo Sunny se despierta y comienza a llorar.

Viendo todo este descontrol, Chris le dice al Cheff:- lo...
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posted by crazy-yanu
Era una tranquila mañana en la mansión más loca de California. Todos estaban desayunando, pero no todos de una forma muy distinta…

Katie y Sadie comían al mismo tiempo leche con cereales.Izzy comía en el suelo alimento para perro, Owen desayunaba directamente de la hela- dera , Noah mientras leía un libro y desayunaba avena , Dj compartía su desayuno con su conejito, Lindsay desayunaba con Tyler, Justin desayunaba mirándose al espejo, Ezequiel desayunaba en su habitación y Beth en la piscina.

Mientras que Geoof y Bridget alimentaban Smantha, que tenia un mes y sus 3 hijos: Trixie,...
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posted by crazy-yanu







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posted by CourtneyGirl
me: ok so it the end of the день and everyone is waiting for courtney in the parking lot by DJs car to go to the polieace dipaartment.

(they are waiting for courtney to come so they can go see duncan, geof and brigette are making out gwen is Письмо and dj and trent are listing to Музыка in djs car)

Courtney: sorry i am late guys the teacher held us up, she is such a B!@#$.

DJ: does such langweg пересекать, крест her lips, trent?

Trent: i think it does gasp.

DJ: dobbel gasp.

everyone: hahahahahahahah

Courtney: ok lets go i need to see him and let me go in alone first then we can all go in k.

everyone: sounds good,whatever,...
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posted by CourtneyGirl
me: ok so we leave off withe ower tdi tdm teens heding off to class what will they do Далее as courtney heds off to class that her only friend in there is penny........beep

(courtney comes into class veary erly the only other people in there were penny and the teacher)

Penny: Эй, courtney come and sit over heer with me.

Courtney: ok cool so whats up.

Penny: absolutly nothing thats why i need Ты to talk to me girl.

Courrtney: ha ha ok well i would say we are new Друзья but i think we are going to be good Друзья right?

Penny: i gess so (confused)

Courtney: ok cool i want to tell Ты some thing thats...
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Back at Главная base, Chris sat waiting. Everyone else did, too.
Um. Uh.
"What are Ты guys doing together?" Heather сказал(-а) with a smirk.
Uh. "Um..."
Gwen saved me. Us, I mean. "Is it such a big deal to have two people come the same way, at the same time?" She shook her head. "No. And why shouldn't it be these two?"
Uh. Leshawna smiled. "On a date, were you?"
"No!!!" I yelled. Duncan was making a weird face. But it was still cute.
"Awwww, that is so sweet! Right, Beth?" Lindsay squealed. "They're going out together!"
"Yeah!!!" Beth smiled at me. I jerked back.
Um, hello? I just сказал(-а) we weren't....
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Okay, I will now be posting my Статьи on the TDI fanclub, not here. (Or maybe both, haha.)

So... um yeah.

A new series coming up... I dunno when! But it's coming up... lol.

Rebecca (Kiyurie) info:

Age: 16

Hair: Dark brown with auburn streaks, long, a lil wavy ;) Usually combed down straight или in pigtails.

Eyes: Sky blue.

Skin: Pale, not as pale as Gwen, lol.

Anabella (Chikea- chi-KAY-ah) (lil sis) info:

Age: 6 (turning 7)

Hair: Blonde with brownish streaks, long, wavy

Eyes: Sky blue

Skin: A bit darker than mine.

Liana (Shiynie- SHEY-nee) (older sis)

Age: 18

Hair: Brownish-blond, fake blue streaks ;)

Eyes: Green-blue

Skin: Pale.

LOL. Kiyurie (Kay-YUR-rie) is my TDA character.

So um yeah.

BTW, Ты guys should really read Aria of the Sea, hehe.
posted by CourtneyGirl
me: from now on i am going to do an introduction every episode so thats all i have 2 say 4 right now enjoy.

(brigette is just waking up and gwen is still asleep)

Brigette:*walks in to kition to see courtney already up awake and dressed* wo good morning sunshine, your already awake, what time is it?

Courtney: 6:00 so Ты better go wake up gwen, cause Ты only have an hower untill the bus comes to pick us up.

Brigette: but my mom will go drop us off at school.

Courtney:he he no parents no car remeber.

Brigette: oh ya right never mind lindsay moment.ha ha

Courtney: ha ha i will make Ты guys breakfast....
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I walked out of the girls’ trailer, Lindsay beside me. “How did Ты get out of that green stuff… uh…”
“Kiyurie.” I sighed. “But Ты can call me K.” Okay, I know that sounds stupid, but it’s hard to make up a good nickname for someone as dumb as Lindsay!
“Ok, K! I’ll be L, isn’t that such a great idea? We can be letter BFF’s!”
Oh. Kay. Clearly she had gone crazy.
“Sure.” I waved her off, and she ran to Beth. I went to find Gwen.
“Hey.” I nodded. “Hi.” She smiled.
“Hello, campers!” Chris shouted. “Today’s challenge will be to set up a movie scene.”...
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I bit my lip anxiously. Gwen was standing beside me, so I grabbed her arm and squeezed.
She looked at me. "Scared?" Her voice was amused.
"Hey!" I sounded squeaky. "Aren't you?"
She shook her head in amusement and turned away.
"Uh... ladies first..." I heard Trent say.
Gwen sighed. At least, I thought it was Gwen... It might have been myself.
"Fine." I gathered all my courage and held my head high.
Gwen nodded and followed me.
Damn, I KNEW that was a bad move! Because, there was Chef (in an alien costume) ready to shoot us.
(With a paintball gun...)
"Eeek!" I shrieked, stumbling behind. I crashed into...
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Ok. First of all if Ты know me, you'll know that I like to be called Kiyurie или Kimi.
This is just a lil sneek peek on how I'm getting along with Duncan on TDA (If Ты don't know what I'm talking about, read my articles! Sheesh! :D)
*** (Flash to Ep. 13, Ocean's Eight или Nine)
BTW, this is the episode when Courtney comes back!
Ooh, xtra drama!
I was getting ready for the challenge, in the girl's cabin. Gwen, Beth, Lindsay, and Leshawna, by BFF's, were sitting beside me.
"Hey, Kimi," Gwen glanced at me. "So how're Ты getting along with-"
I punched her in the arm, hard.
"OW." She said. "Fine, don't...
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posted by CourtneyGirl
me: wow a lot of drama from the last episode i am going to try to lighten it up because that was deep ya know well hope Ты like it.

(she ran all the way back down to brigettes and is standing at the door, brigette heers a knok on the door,gwen stayed the night)

Gwen: do Ты want me to get it?

Brigette: na i got it.

(she gets off the диван, мягкий уголок and opens the door)

Brigette: OH MY GOSH what happend.

Courtney:i got kicked out because i am pregnet.(maskara runnig all down her face)

Gwen: courtney,what happend?!?!?!?!

Brigette: here first Ты go take a shower.

Courtney: ok ma..ha ...ha be i wil calmb down then.*she...
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posted by CourtneyGirl
me: we leave off at brigetts house and the girls were talking about babies.

Courtney: ya lindsy сказал(-а) that penny wanted to name her kid rilly if she had a girl.

Gwen: wait that penny girl pregnet?

Courtney: i don't think so i think lindsy was just talking hypytheticly.

Gwen: thats a pritty big word to put in the same sentince as lindsy.

Brigette: wait if it was lindsy talking then that is probibly not how Ты say the name.

(all the girls start to think for a minet what the name might really be)

all girls: RIELLY!!!

Courtney: oh well i don't really like that name then she can have it, i mean...
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My palms were shaking so hard, they looked like a blur when I glanced at them. Well actually, every part of my body was shaking... lol... My mom and I were waiting for the bus ride to TDA. Yeah, TDA. I can't believe I was chosen! Me!
Ok, time for my intro. I am Rebecca Amelia Kiyurie (Kay-u-RIE) Chan, and I am 16. I'm a Japanese-Canadian.
Ok, so I was the new camper. That's why I was so nervous... Like, please! I still had my mom wait right by me, even though the bus was coming right in front of my house! Yes, as Ты may have gathered, I was the quiet, shy type, who can be realllly crazy when...
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Ok, plz read my new series, TDA starring Rebecca (you'll see later that I like to be called Kiyurie)

Total Drama, The Musical is the forthcoming third season of the Total Drama series that began with Total Drama Island and Total Drama Action. The series extension was commissioned by Teletoon from the producers, Fresh TV, Inc. In this series, 17 cast mates are taken on challenges spanning the globe, and required to break spontaneously into song. It has been confirmed in the first trailer for TDM that Owen, Gwen, Heather, Duncan, Izzy, Ezekiel, Lindsay, LeShawna, Courtney, Harold, Tyler, Cody,...
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