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This is my new series! TDA starring Rebecca! Please read! And note that:
1. The challenges will be the same
2. The eliminations will not be the same
3. There will now be 23 campers
4. Um... wait, why is there another 4.?

Well, enjoy!

"OMG! OMG! OMG! Mom! I got selected for TDA! I got chose as the new camper!" I squealed to my mom and sister. "Is that the weird camp thing Ты signed up for like 6 months ago..." сказал(-а) my mom, not really listening. "Yeah." I said, a lil bit inpatiently. My sis, Anabella, или Bella, giggled. "I'm gonna miss you, Becca! You're going to camp? Can I come too?" "No, sorry,...
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The 12 campers chosen for the third season of Total Drama Island step out of the bus, which happens to be a school bus to find a school-yard like place. They're greeted by Chris, Chef Hatchet, and some new interns. "Welcome campers, to the third season of TDI, Total Drama Highschool, TDH! You'll be spending the Далее 8 weeks at this abandoned uh... used-to-be schoolyard!" Chris says, then laughs. He glances around at all the castmates (Duncan, Courtney, Gwen, Bridgette, Trent, DJ, Owen, Leshawna, Heather, Harold, Geoff, and Justin.), and as he does so, he trie to hide another giggle. "Well,...
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(Audience Cheering)
soxfan89:And We're Back With еще Of Our 1200 Фан Special For The Total Drama Action Фан Club. And Now, Our Далее Guest Is The Voice Of Courtney Emilie-Claire Barlow!
(Audience Cheering and Clapping, Male Фаны Whistling)
Emilie:Hello, Radio City Музыка Hall. And Hello soxfan89!
soxfan89:Hi, Emilie! So Good To See You. Nice Dress!
Emilie:Why Thank You!
soxfan89:So Tell Us How Ты Got To Be The Voice Of Courtney.
Emilie:I Was Chosen For That Because I Knew I Had Such A Good Voice For That Character! And I Obviously Couldn't Think Of A Better Character To Voice.
(Audience Laughing)
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Total Drama Action is the секунда season of the animated reality show, Total Drama Island. 15 contestants from TDI and Chris and Chef will be returning. This time, campers will take the "Red Carpet Walk Of Shame," and ride the "Limo of Losers" Those who stay recieve little trophies. I know for sure that Gwen, Justin, Beth, and Owen are NOT the first one eliminated, because on the секунда TDA trailer it shows them getting the little awards that take the place of marshmellows. This time the contestents compete for $1,000,000. Image what they would do to get it, after seeing what they did to get only $100,000. 15 contesents. 6 weeks of fun. 1 heck lot of cash. All on TOTAL DRAMA ACTION!!!
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