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- ||Basic Info|| Name: Jake Larkwood
Species: Human
Nationality: Japanese-Finnish
Gender: male Age: 17
Occupation: High School Student
- ||Physical Info|| Height: 5'6"
Hair Color: black with blue tips
Weight:109 lb
Hair Style: sleek and shaped with long strips
Hair Length: shoulder and back of neck
Eyes: sky blue Skin: Super Pale
Tattoos: None
Scars: across shoulder blades,his side and his rib Body Type: Thin and slightly lean
Disabilities: cancer
||Personal Info|| S/O: pansexual
Family: Father/abusive and Mother/Deceased Likes:music,people,kindness,blue and animals Dislikes: mean acts,cheaters,un...
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Sorry if it seems rushed D:

“Today’s challenge is a little еще fun than the last one,” Stella told the group the Далее morning.
“But what could be еще fun than a lake full of sharks?” Neil replied sarcastically.
“Today Ты guys are going to be facing the fear factor challenge!” Stella grinned.
“So first Ты make us jump into a pool of sharks,” Kat began, “And now you’re having us face our worst fears?!”
“Precisely, in fact… Kat, I believe Ты should start us off.”
Kat bit her lip a little and then nodded, nervously.
Stella walked up to her, handing a розовый and orange...
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It's up! YAAAY! :D
Sorry if your character doesn't say much, they'll say еще in the Далее few chapters.

Adriana: *goes into confessional* is this on? good. well, hi. now, I know Ты Фаны have been watching the Показать and saying my mom's a "bitch". but I just want to say, that that's not a nice thing to say, and Ты have no idea how her life's like. so, PLEASE back off.
Minka: (standing in confessional) ...............*sits down* so um it kinda strange i mean who would thought the children of the cast would be competeing.............O_O were all gonna die...
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Dana *Voiceover*: Last time on Total Drama Космос Adventure, fifteen contestants arrived at the Delta Snowdust Космос Station to compete for a special mystery prize, which will not be revealed until the winner is announced! Following the introductions of these contestants were teams. During their first challenge, one team didn't work together, while the other team bonded and ended up winning the challenge! But, in the end, the calm-yet-clueless girl, Wisp, was the first person to be kicked off of Total Drama Космос Adventure! Who will be next? Find out right here on: Total. Drama. Космос Adventure!...
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Dana: Alright, Team Andromeda--here's how it works. In the confessional booth, there are paper stars that each have your name on it. What Ты do is Ты select the звезда of the person Ты want to vote off. Simple, right?
Kiara: No.
Dana: ...Anyway, get voting.

Yuki: Oh man I need to vote someone off!? I don't even know them. But what I know is if I vote of Kiara shell hunt me down. Everybody else is so nice *randomly votes*

Kiara: ugh, they're ALL losers! *votes*

Valencia: Dios mio! I have to vote someone off? b-but >.< aaaww *closes eyes and randomly votes* ohmigosh i am sooo...
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